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Pad Mounted Transformers Electric Transformers in the Community Neighborhoods with underground utilities require pad-mounted transformers as a means to access the electric system. Personnel routinely need access these transformers. Access is critical during power restoration after an outage or for routine maintenance on the equipment inside the transformer. Transformer Appearance A transformer can serve up to six households. Often they look like "big green metal boxes." Many times, they are located within public utility easements that cross the property owner's land.

Access to Electrical Equipment: Utility Service Regulations state that the City shall have safe and unobstructed access to its electrical equipment at all times. Such access requires a minimum of eight feet of unrestricted space in front of a pad-mounted transformer. The front is the side of the transformer where the door opens to access the equipment inside of it. It usually is the side of the transformer where there is a padlock. Obstructions (such as fences, shrubs, trees, storage sheds, etc.) should not impair entry into the transformer. This can cause service restoration delays during power outages or routine maintenance of equipment. Any obstruction in front of a transformer presents additional safety risks to the personnel trying to access the transformer. There must be a minimum of eight feet of clearance to safely service the units. If there is a pad-mounted transformer in a public utility easement across your property, please maintain a clear eight foot path in front of the unit. Safety Around Transformers For your protection, avoid making contact with a pad-mounted transformer. And please, never allow children to play on or near transformers. As us about bollard poles for PECO Energy Transformers.

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PECO Energy has rules and regulations for distance restrictions regarding their power distribution equipment. Transformers, utility poles, aerial cables, etc. must be kept clear of a construction equipment have areas of access for servicing. When dealing with construction near live cables we can request several protection measures. Staff have been asked to demonstrate the processes to other utilities, and the approach has been shared at industry conferences. Just as the camera has improved testing, there is a constant search for the next new way to test equipment better, new technologies and process improvements that will improve overall maintenance effectiveness. The searching includes participation in industry committees and even looking at acceptable gas levels from oil test results. Finally, there is another secret to this success: The chemical lab works directly for PECO and has the same manager as the inspector and analyst, so they all fall under the same umbrella. Combined with infrared scanning and other diagnostic testing, this gives a true picture of substation health. The entire process works quite well. Overall, this results in a consistently low rate of bus outages and transformer failures.
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