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Convert Neon
to LED.
Commercial Neon, Backlit Signage, Lighten Awnings and High Reach Lighting Services by
Able Group Inc.
Neon Make-Over, Commercial Signage;
Commercial Property LED lighting by Able Group Inc.
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Neon, Custom Fabrications, Neon Repairs and Replacements by Able Group Inc. Neon Service for Main Line, Philadelphia, PA and Delaware.
Neon Lights and Signage
Neon, Commercial Neon, Signage - Lighting services all types.
Neon, Glass tube repairs, neon signs, neon fabrication, neon transformers.
Neon Services and High Reach Sign Repairs by Able Group Inc.

Ask us about a custom neon outline for a stand out profile of your property.
  Neon Fabrication & Make-Over.
Commercial Lighting and signage all around Philly.
Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach Signage Repairs


Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting, Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights.

Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach Signage Repairs by Able Group Inc.


Neon is an inert gas or non-reactive gas. Basically, inert gases tend to keep their molecular structure. What is interesting about neon and other inert gases, is that they remain inert only in chemical reactions...not in glass tubes with electrodes like neon signs. The electrodes in a neon sign discharge voltage through the gas in the discharge tube. The voltage that shoots through the gas will speed up any free electrons, which in turn builds the kinetic energy in the tube. When the kinetic energy is high enough, the neon atom becomes ionized. Ionization happens with an electron either jumps up to the next electron orbit, or down to the next electron orbit. What ionization does is give an inert gas a positive or negative charge. That charge creates a plasma (sort of a superheated gas/liquid) that carries the electrical impulse from one end of the tube to the other. This completes the electrical circuit. When the circuit is complete, the electrons that were "excited" fall to their regular energy level. When this occurs, a photon is emitted, creating the glowing light we are all familiar with. Can be installed to give a seamless, shadowless distribution of light. Available in many colors including 2800, 3000, 3500, 4100, tri-phosphors for unsurpassed color rendition, color preferences and color stability. Can be dimmed, sequenced or flashed without damaging the lamps or the ballast (transformers). One transformer can run up to 92 feet of 25mm tubing. Contact us for Neon, Custom Fabrications, Neon Repairs and Replacements by Able Group Inc. Neon Service for Main Line, Philadelphia, PA and Delaware. Longer transformer and lamp life. The number of lamp starts have no adverse effect on the lamp (the opposite is true for fluorescents). Can be coordinated with architectural design at a feasible cost. Lamps do not flicker when cold. Can be easily dimmed to less than 10% of full lighting value versus 40 to 50% for fluorescent. This can be achieved without any special transformers. Fluorescent lighting requires very expensive ballast and dimmers.

if it's broke, we are   Able to fix it!
New neon installations, neon fabrications, Changes for existing neon design, Outdoor Lighting, Box Signs, Lighted exterior signs, Property Outlines.

Contact the Able Group for neon design and full service. Custom commercial neon signage, building outlines and A to Z lighting. We can make it with top quality manifold and vacuum systems. We can fix it with premium glass and electrodes. We can change it with signs that stay bright and last for years.
Neon services include design, layout, and fabrication of:
- low cost custom designs for your business.
- prototyping neon signs.
- eye catching neon for restaurants, taverns, diners, pizza take out, gas stations, etc.
- cold cathode neon lamps for interior recessed alcove lighting.
- exterior architectural lighting.
- channel letters for outdoor neon signage.
- exposed neon, backlit neon, frontlit neon.
- window neon and neon borders for store fronts
- promotional neon property outlining.
- damaged neon restorations.
Contact Able Group Inc. for Neon,  Let us Fix It!

  SOME INFO ON SIGNS Indoor Lighted Signs and Illuminated Cabinets Indoor Light box signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles that bring lasting value to your store or business! Choose from LED displays, backlit light box displays and edge lit lighted cabinets. Bring your message to life with a lighted cabinet in your window on hanging on the wall. LED Sign Displays and Message Centers Don't miss out on the action in front of your business! An electronic message center costs less per month than any other major advertising media. An LED Electronic Message Center supports displays your message effortlessly at the point of purchase, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Trade Show Banner Stand Displays Volume Discount Pricing Banner Displays: Economy Banner Stands, Flag Poles, Hanging Displays, Scrolling Banners, Pull Up Banner Stands, Retractable Banner Displays, Telescopic Stands, Spring Backs and much more!


New Installations, Added Signage, Improvements, Replacements, Relocations, Reinforcing
Damage Ready Crews for Signs - Car, Truck, Bus, Automobile Damage Repairs all around Philly.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Philadelphia, Main Line and Suburbs.
Line Painting, Floor Lines.

Electrical Repair - "YES, We can Fix it" If your sign is broke, we can fix it. Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair - Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.