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Barrier Arm, Lift or Motorized Gates for Parking Lots.....   Electricians, Installers & Constructors - About Us.
Equipment Relocations, Commercial-Industrial Rigging and Hauling.
Three Phase, Two Phase, Single Phase, Philadelphia area Commercial-Industrial Power.
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Electrical from A. to Z.
Commercial Signage, Pylon Signs.
Lighting Poles, Utility Poles.
Aerial Service, Transformers, Three-Phase. Conveyor Systems, Automated Systems and Controls, Safety Compliance Modifications, repairs, welding, etc. Sports Field Lighting, Community and Street Lighting.
Factory Machinery - Motors & Controls.
Fuel Station Electrical, Auto EV Charging Stations and Signage Service all around Delaware Valley.
Parking Lot Lighting Services.
Customized Fabrications.
Line Painting.
Electric gates, automated openers and barrier arms for parking areas.
We are the Mechanics.
Sending the information, costs, specs., sizes, colors, life span and warranty for before you spend.
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Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Philadelphia, Main Line and Suburbs.
The Able Group - Quick Menu of Services:
Electricians, Installers and Constructors for Your ideas ..
Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes, service and installations by Able Group Inc.
  Electrical, Wiring, Controls, Lighting, Facility Services:
.Electric Car Chargers - Home or Business
.Utility Poles - services or replacements, aerial cables.
.4160 Volts, Primary Electrical, pad mounted transformer
.Electrical Utility and Bucket Truck Services for Commercial and Industrial Facilities.
.Apartment Utility Separations, separate meters for each tenant.
.Auditorium Equipment and Lighting.
.Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment - UPS and Generator
.Buss Duct, power distribution for the industrial production floor.
.Control Panels for factory manufacturing equipment.
.Our Electrical Installations PRICE LIST for renovations.
.Fuel Station Services and EV Auto Charging
.Industrial Power Inverters and industrial equipment repairs.
.Phase Converter, Buck-Boost, Voltage Change, Voltage Drop - WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM
.Electric Service Upgrades, 200A., 400A., 600A., 800A., up to 2000A.
.Signage Services, conversion to LED for back-lit signs.
.Transformers, interior, exterior, Step-Up, Step-Down, all sizes - all applications.
.Two Phase Electrical Service - Solving problems in the City of Philadelphia.
.Underground Electrical Power, parking lots, shopping centers, power location services.
.Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting, Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights.
.Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach Signage Repairs by Able Group Inc.
.Commercial Ceilings - Delaware County, Philadelphia, Tri-State.
.Swaying Poles and Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.
.Property Re-Construction by Able Group Inc.
.Pavers, Patios, Walkways, Lights, Hardscapes.