Quick to action for every property remedy, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage, and vandal damages.
Lighted Signs, neon signs, parking lot pole light, signage service, custom neon, high reach electrical repairs,
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Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair:
Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.
  if your sign is broke, we are.....          Able to fix it! 

  Large and Small Signage Repair Services by Able Group Inc.  Swaying Poles and Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.

For your; Business, Restaurant, Shopping Center, Institution or Retail Store - let us have a look at it.

Economical Signage Repair . New Bulbs, New Ballasts, New Wires, WE Will Fix it!
Back Lit Signs by Able Group Inc.

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Every High Reach Electrical Matter.

Call Able Inc. Repairs for Lighted Signs and Parking Lot Pole Lights for Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.
Equipment repairs and fabricated mending for damages of any kind.
Reconditioning and renewal, Backlit signs: welding, spray painting and parts making for commercial and industrial facilities. We'll Refurbish it, Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair.

Three Phase, Two Phase, Philadelphia area Professionals Commercial-Industrial Power.

Yes, we are Able to Relocate it. Rigging and Hauling.

Aerial Electrical Utility Cables and Power Equipment.

Auditorium and House of Worship LED Lighting

Electric Auto, charge point certified installations, Smart EV for commercial properties.

Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment - Varieties for temporary power by The Able Group.

Ball Field, Sports Field, Lighting, Poles, LED and Power all around Philly.

Barrier Arm, Lift or Motorized Gates for Parking Lots, Services by Able Group Inc.

Buss Duct, Buss Duct Repairs, Equipment, Installations and Special Fabrications.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting and LED for Philadelphia, Main Line and Suburbs.

Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting, Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights.

Control Panels, Diagnostics, Repairs and Replacements.

Converting to LED for facilities surrounding the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia.

Custom Electrical Equipment, Design and Fabrications for any purpose.

Essential Electrical Power for Necessary Health and Safety Equipment.

Exhaust Fans, Ventilation equipment and mechanical service for the industrial work place.

Fuel Station Electrical, Auto EV Charging Stations and Signage Service.

Call Able Inc. for replacement parts and blacksmith services.
Ironsmith, tinsmith, equipment repairs and fabricated plastics.
Recondition it. We do welding. We have replacement parts and a spray painting facility.
Refurbish it, electrical motors and switches. We make missing parts, lathe and grinding work.
Custom make it, fabrication - station for household items, appliances, tools, lamps, etc.
Rebuild it, Services for all of Delaware County, and all around Philadelphia. It's always better to Recycle: we are doing our part recycling instead of throwing away, and we're feeling really great about helping the environment. A great deal of items that can be made from recycled items, are still being produced from virgin materials. The quality of products made from recycled content is just as high as products made from virgin materials. So you are not making any compromises by buying recycled items.
Electrical items, guards, shields, brackets, collars and bollards. Hot Melt Adhesives, contact cementing, Hot Melt Gluing, Water Based Adhesives, Accessories and Mountings. Repairs for what ever is important to you. Lighted Signs, parking lot pole lights, signage service, custom neon, high reach electrical repairs, backlit signs, equipment repairs, recondition, welding,
replacement parts, spray painting,

Yes we can,
Economical Repairs and Restorations of every kind.

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Honest Signage and Parking Area Repairs.

Electrical Repairs of all sorts.

Signage and Canopy Repairs and replacements. Special fabrications for your ideas.
Custom creations for every purpose.  Lights made to order for any location.

Special Signage designs. Custom made items for the office working along with the creative people within the company.
Special made items for every purpose. We learn from you what makes your operation convenient and efficient.

Describe your problem by email.
Custom Shop Work in;  plastic,  wood,  metal,  glass,  plexi-glass,  steel,  copper,  aluminum,  Etc.     Items Small or Large.  Items Removed and Reinstalled.
Every type of Electrical Equipment, Such as: Electrical Panel Boxes, Electric Heaters, Electric Metering Equipment, Electrical and Moving Parts, Electrical Protection Equipment.
We'll pick it up, or you can bring it to us. Repair work for any item; wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Custom made equipment parts...... at the
Able Group Fix-it Shop.

Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach Signage Repairs by
Able Group Inc.

High Output Fluorescent Fixtures, HID Lighting Fixtures, Industrial Electrical Power Equipment, Industrial Power Inverters, LED Lighting, Light Poles, Lighting Contactors, Parking Area Security Equipment, Parking Lot Equipment, Parking Lot Lighting, Pole Lighting, Snow Melting Systems, Sports Lighting, T5 Lighting, Transformers, Underground Electrical Power.
Signage Services, High Reach Sign Repairs by Able Group Inc.

3Phase - 2Phase Electrical Equipment, Aerial Electrical Hardware, Rooftop Equipment, Auditorium Lighting, Buss Duct, Circuit Breakers, Control Panels, CT Cabinets, Custom Electrical Equipment,  Large and small "repair all services" for just about anything: Commercial Electrical Boxes, Electric Metering, Electrical Parts, Electrical Protection, Lighting Equipment, Facility Cameras, Facility Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.

Special made and custom made parts for that unusual situation.
Able to repair it,  Able to Improve it,  Able to make new parts for it.

Equipment Re-Conditioning, Cleaning,  Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing,  Etc.