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CT Cabinets, Information and Facility Services. 
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Ask us why a CT cabinet may or may not be required. We'll also explain the benefits of using cable troughs for future expansions of and / or flexibility regards future equipment loads. Allow us to send the info on other issues such as the National Electrical Code, Electrical Underwriter Inspections and the grounding requirements for your existing CT cabinet. We are installers for all your service entrance and utility metering equipment:   main lug panels, cadmium connectors, SER cable, SEU cable, controls, relays, mechanically held contactors, bolt-on circuit breakers 480V. 277V. 120V. 208V. and 250V.
We are electrical trades persons with the information, wiring diagrams, photos, sketches, electrical schematics, cut sheets and specs.

Current transformers for metering
large electrical services.





400 A




600 A




800 A




For single-phase circuits, the customer provides and installs a 6-terminal meter socket in an enclosure, with conduit between the meter enclosure and the CT cabinet.
For three-phase circuits, the customer provides and installs a 13-terminal meter socket in an enclosure, with conduit between the meter enclosure and the CT cabinet

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The customer provides and installs a cabinet for the current transformers, and the conduit between the CT cabinet and the meter enclosure.
The CT cabinet is metal, weather tight (if located outside), NEMA 3R rated, and securely mounted on a rigid surface plumb in both directions.
The cabinet is to have a side-hinged, sealable door. When open, the door must not block a safe exit.
The top of the cabinet must be no higher than 7 feet above the floor, and the bottom of the cabinet must be at least 6 inches above the floor.
The dimensions of the CT cabinet are: Single-phase, 400-800 amps 30" X 48" X 11"
Three phase, 200-800 amps 36" X 48" X 11"
Over 800 amps Requires switchboard metering. The location of the CT cabinet is subject to the approval of the power company.
Inside the cabinet, the customer installs a mounting base for the CTs.
A single-phase mounting base is used if the service is single-phase, a three-phase mounting base is used if the service is three-phase.
The base has two cable termination bolts on the line and the load side of each phase, and two bolts on the neutral bus.
The CT cabinet contains only the main service conductors.
A maximum of four main service conductors may be served from the load side of each termination bolt, as long as the lugs are not stacked and do not restrict
mounting the CTs. Use "stair step" lugs if more than two conductors are terminated at a CT.
If the CT cabinet is installed in a vehicle traffic area, install a guard post.
Meter Socket, Enclosure, and Conduit The distance between the meter socket enclosure and the CT cabinet is not less than 10 inches and not more than 50 feet.
Mount the two enclosures as close together as feasible. Meter Socket and Enclosure for Single-Phase Circuits.
We will recommend the size of the CT cabinet for you

600A 250V 1-3W 48 X 26 X 10
600A 250V 3-4W 48 X 26 X 10
800A 250V 1-3W 48 X 26 X 10
800A 250V 3-4W 48 X 26 X 10
1200A 250V 1-3W 48 X 36 X 14
1200A 250V 3-4W 48 X 36 X 14
1600A 250V 3-4W 48 X 36 X 14
2000A 250V 3-4W 66 X 42 X 14
2500A 250V 3-4W 72 X 42 X 20
3000A 250V 3-4W 72 X 42 X 20
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