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The procedure for an Electrical Inspection must include the services of an electrical contractor first. The property must first be cleared of all electrical hazards and non-code compliant conditions by a licensed person who will stand responsible. In most cases panels covers are removed and a thorough walk through is performed in order to view all visible electricals. Our services are to make all code required repairs and replacements necessary at that same time. Then we'll contact the Inspection Agency for the Underwriter's Sticker and Certification. With assurance from us, the inspection process is completed quickly. Calling for an Underwriter Inspection without this procedure may incur delays and charges for a second inspection once all compliance issues are resolved.


Electrical Inspections
for your Property $125.00.

Full, in-depth documentation on existing conditions.

We'll analyze any electrical situation within any property and put all the facts in writing for you, your landlord or legal situation.

OUTLET CIRCUIT OUTAGE (one outlet or a group of outlets). The first step is to check for a tripped circuit breaker. If no circuit breakers appear to be tripped, sometimes a breaker trips out internally while the breaker handle stays on. Check the panel schedule first, if that is no help, run your finger down all the breakers with slight pressure (towards the off position). Sometimes the tripped breaker handle will flip to the off position, then try to reset. The permanent cure for the problem may be to eliminate an overloaded, shorted or broken circuit. Electrician for Hire: Low cost electrical service for Havertown, Broomall, Newtown Square and all around Delaware County. If it is electric I can do it, licensed, insured electrician and electrical mechanic for over 25 years.

  • PARTIAL BUILDING OUTAGE (more than just in one outlet circuit). The first step is to check for a tripped main breaker or blown main fuse. This problem is usually a job for a service electrician. These problems arise due to a recent overload or a failure in the main electric service connections IF A HISSING SOUND IS HEARD SHUT POWER DOWN. Commercial Property Maintenance, same day or next day service. Better for every property concern. Electrical, Mechanical, Latest Technology, Facility Services, HVAC, Equipment
  • TOTAL POWER OUTAGE (no power at all). Call your utility company first. They will discover the problem for you. If the problem is your responsibility, Call Us, we'll have your power back on A.S.A.P. Urgent Property Remedy Services by The Able Group Network. Facility Response Contractors - Quick Up and Running Business Services.
  • BURNING SMELLS Electrically related burning smells almost always smell like "burning rubber". This is because materials like plastic, rubber & tar are used in electrical equipment & lighting fixtures. The first step is to CHECK ALL PLUG-IN CORDS ! If you found your problem THE PLUG WILL BE HOT ! So remove it carefully. Fluorescent fixture ballasts are most often the problem, if not, shutting down your power should be the next step (especially if a hissing sound is heard).   Emergency, Urgent and Same Day Trade Services.

  • ELECTRIC SHOCK OR TINGLE Electric shocks are very rare, but electrical tingles are not. An electric shock can only happen when your body is a better path to ground than anything else, (you also have to be touching a "live wire" or a live medal part of equipment at the same time). Electrical tingles are problems that happen more often and can - come and go, get more or less severe, and be very unpredictable. An experienced electrician should be called for this type of problem. Quick Response Up and Running Services for any Facility, Building, Business or School.
  • HUMMING OR BUZZING FIXTURES Electrical fixtures that have these sounds are not dangerous but can be very annoying. Ceiling fans can also hum if operated by a speed control. In electrical terms we call this the "60 cycle hum" simply because electrical power changes direction every 60 seconds. Transformers can not be silenced, also some fluorescent fixtures. Sometimes dimmer controls make the light bulbs hum, try changing the bulbs to a different type. Fluorescent fixture ballasts can be replaced for better results. Safety-Inspections, knowing what to look for.
  •    Electrical Experience, Electrical Diagnostics, Technical Know-How.
    Full Legal Documentation -
    on every electrical item in your property.

    We document all the information.
    We describe every detail,
    and we don't miss anything.

    Electrical Inspections by Able Group Inc.

    The Able Group Electrical Investigation Services
    Full, in-depth documentation on any electrical matter.
    Electrical Solutions for any electrical problems -
    no matter what it is.
                       We find problems that no one else can find.

    The Able Group Electrical Contractors can analyze any electrical situation within any property. Whether it be for your high energy bills, electrical problems, burning smells, brown outs, etc. We will track it down and put it in writing for you, your landlord or legal situation.

    1. What was done.
    2. When it was done.
    3. Why it was done.
    4. What is incorrect.
    5. Circuit tracing & diagnostics.
    6. Who's meter is it on.
    7. Why something is happening.
    8. Full in-depth test results.
    9. Fact finding for litigation.
    10. Code violations.
    11. Investigations of any kind.

    Certified Inspections,
    Computerized Sketches,
    Wiring Diagrams,
    Digital Photos,
    Code Book References,
    Lighting Fixture Specifications.

    The All Seeing Eye of the Experts.
    Quick & Reliable Service
         Able Group Inc. Havertown PA Electrical Inspections. Serving the properties around us for over 30 years.  Professional and reliable contractors for everything you need.  Insured and Licensed in every area in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

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    Certified Electrical Mechanic Inspection
    There are certain safety measures which must be taken in order the reactivate an existing electrical meter.  The person licensed to initiate this process is responsible for any conditions at the property which could pose an electrical safety hazard, electrical theft or code violation, and is liable if these are present.

    This process requires a tooled investigation and evaluation for fact finding. Electrical panel boxes and equipment are opened.  The electrical system of the property is inspected.  Minor electrical repairs can also be made at that time in order to speed the progress.

    Property Review and Documentation of Existing Conditions - $215.00

    Certified Electrical Underwriter Inspection
    An electrical underwriter will only process a confirmed clean property with a the local authorities.  A certificate of inspection is issued to the utility company based on the inspection results of the electrical mechanic.

    This process requires 7 business days (or sooner in some cases).

    Underwriter Inspection Fee - $145.00

    Special Notes
    In the event of hazardous conditions, electrical theft or code violations - corrections for these are not included.  The documentation provided will describe what was found and list the costs for each item separately.

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    Residential Home Circuit Breaker Labeling and Certified Inspections.
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