Property Investigations and Fact Finding by the Trade experts at Able Group 610-853-8311, for any legal problem.
Code violations and building code compliance. Inspection fact finding service for litigation of property safety.
Documentation for legal problems, testing, diagnostics & research services.
Property Investigations by Able Group Inc. for any legal problem.
Combining - Building Experience, Structural Diagnostics,
Technical Know-How and Full Legal Documentation.
... how did this accident happen?
Property Investigations. Full, in-depth documentation on all existing conditions.
And investigations related to: contractor quit, contractor walked off the job or tradesperson fired.

We Explain It - Better!
Problem Solving Experts
Unneeded Repairs, Over-Charged Services,
Customer Abuse, Contractor Fraud,
We can assist you on what to do next.    

Did your contractor quit?
 .. Or asking for more cash without good cause?

Do you need someone for completion of another persons work, mess up, rip off, and other matters of incompetence?

Low cost investigations for every property matter. 
    Serving the properties around us for over 30 years.  
    Professional and reliable documentation.

We will Document Everything!

We'll give you all the information necessary to make your case!
 Property Investigations by Able Group Inc.

All Seeing Eye
of the Experts
  1. What was done.
  2. When it was done.
  3. Why it was done.
  4. What is incorrect.
  5. Testing & diagnostics.
  6. Who's at fault.
  7. Why something is happening.
  8. Full in-depth test results.
  9. Fact finding for litigation.
  10. Code violations.
  11. Investigations of any kind.
Documentation on:
Certified Inspections,
Computerized Sketches,
Diagrams and Photos
Code Book References,
Fixture Specifications.
Building Trade - Facts, Photos and Costs by The Able Group Inc.
Facts, figures, costs, materials, information, damage assessment, equipment pricing,
labor costs, job bidding, insurance claims.
Is it really a "Green Property"?
Are you paying for someone else's electric bill?
Do you know what your warranty covers?

We Explain It - Better!
 Designs, Plans, Photos, Sketches, Layouts and Costs.

     Clear information from experts of the trade.

      Code Violations and Hazardous Conditions.
      Cost Breakdowns
and Damage Assessments.
      Cost Proposals from Various Companies.

      Factory Specifications.
      Proof of poor workmanship and negligence.
      Expansion Limitations.
      Legal Facts for Safety Regulations.

      Comparative Situations.
      Property Trades Documentation.

      Damage Explanations and facts for insurance claims.

Able Group Inc. investigations, are a full service property investigation firm located in Havertown, PA.  We provide confidential, professional investigative services for all types of cases.  We service a wide range of clients, both personal and corporate.  We handle all our cases with complete professionalism, confidentiality and commitment to our clients.  We go the extra mile to get the job done, no matter how big or small.  Most of our services have a no hit/no fee guarantee.  For those cases needing special attention, our hourly rates are the best anywhere.  Our website provides details on our complete list of investigative services and contains links to other informative sites.
Simple e-support by offered the "Informationeers"  -  Contractors Solutions Inc. and Able Group Inc.
Our Free e-mail info and over-the-phone support Makes Us Better than anyone.
code violations & building code, inspection, fact finding for litigation, property, safety, documentation, building investigations, research, legal problems, testing & diagnostics, electrical service, test results offices in Havertown, Broomall, Newtown Square, Philly, Main Line, Lower Merion, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia PA.
The Able Group Total Property Investigation Services.
Full, in-depth documentation on any electrical matter.
Electrical Solutions for any electrical problems - no matter what it is.
                   We find problems that no one else can find.
The Able Group Electrical Contractors can analyze any electrical situation within any property. Whether it be for your high energy bills, electrical problems, burning smells, brown outs, etc. We will track it down and put it in writing for you, your landlord or legal situation.

Complete and Accurate Information Pages with Digital Photos with Clear Details and Informative Sketches -
E-Mailed Documentations sent to all parties involved!

Electrical Inspections, Electrical Experience, Electrical Diagnostics, Technical Know-How. The Able Group Electrical Contractors can analyze any electrical situation within any property.

Facility Safety Solutions. Safety Inspections. Fire Protection System Review and Analysis. Our team of safety specialists will help you prioritize safety initiatives.

Facts, Figures and Costs by Building Trade Professionals at Contractors Solutions Inc. Designs, Plans, Photos, Sketches, Layouts and Costs. Clear information from experts of the trade.

Dig Safely - The tolerance zone protects buried utilities. The tolerance zone is the width of an underground utility plus a specified tolerance distance on both sides of that utility.

Documentation on Property Conditions. We Document all the Facts and Find all the Negligence. Reveal all the Existing Conditions. Record the Dates, Times and Activity Table. Calculate all the Costs. Find the Factory Specifications.

Safety Inspections for Apartments Complex, new tenant, common areas, parking areas, storage areas. Swimming Pools and above ground pools or hot tubs. Electrical Equipment such as fans, automatic garage door openers, electric fences, electric awnings, lights in trees, landscape, lighting. sump pump basement, electric heaters in concrete, back up power generators. Code Know-How - where GFI's are needed, where arc fault is needed. Electrical Safety Inspections

Philly Facility - Economical Electricals. Energy Saving Mechanicals, Philadelphia.