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Public Facility Lighting, Hotel Lobby, Atrium, Historical Property, Auditorium.

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We supply the light bulbs. We can also supply the light fixtures for the renovation and construction jobs we do. We are of course a full service electrical contractor for re-lamping all the fixtures (after business hours if needed) in properties surrounding Delaware County, the Main Line, (in Lower Merion) and everywhere around Philadelphia, PA. Call us for electrical service and a service electrician. Accent Lighting: the directional to emphasize a particular object or to draw attention to a part of the field of view. Baffle: a single opaque or translucent element to shield a source from direct view at certain angles, or to absorb unwanted light. Ballast: a device used with an electric-discharge lamp to obtain the necessary circuit conditions. Beam Angle: the angle between the two directions for which the intensity - candlepower. Beam Spread: the angle between the two directions in the plane in which the candlepower is equal to a stated percent (usually ten percent) of the maximum candlepower in the beam. Brightness, Candela, the unit of measure indicating the luminous intensity (candlepower) of a light source in a specific direction; any given light source will have many different intensities, depending upon the direction considered.

Candlepower Distribution: a curve that represents the variation in luminous intensity (expressed in candelas) in a plane through the light center of a lamp or luminaries; each lamp or lamp/luminaries combination has a unique set of candlepower distributions that indicate how light will be spread. Candlepower Distribution Curve: a curve, generally polar, representing the variation of luminous intensity of a lamp or luminaries in a plane through the light center. Center beam Candlepower the intensity of light produced at the center of a reflector lamp, expressed in candelas. Chromaticity: the aspect of color that includes consideration of its dominant wavelength and purity. Coefficient of Utilization (CU): the ratio of the luminous flux (lumens) from a luminaries received on the work-plane to the lumens emitted by the luminaries lamps alone. Color Rendering Index the measure of a light source's ability to render the color of objects "correctly," as compared with a reference source with comparable color temperature; the scale peaks at 100. Correlated Color Temperature a specification of the color appearance of a lamp relating its color to that of a reference source heated to a particular temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K); CCT generally measures the "warmth" or "coolness" of light source appearance.

Electrical Shop Work, Customized Lighting, Boxes, Switches, Controls, Electrics,
Enclosures and Dimming Lighting Panels. Exterior, Motion Activated and
Remote Controlled Devices made to order.

Reflectors, louvers or other shielding device cuts off direct visibility of a light source. It is the complementary angle of the shielding angle. Diffuse Lighting: light that is not predominantly incident from any particular direction. Diffuser: a device to redirect of scatter the light from a source by the process of diffuse transmission. Direct Glare: glare resulting from high luminance or insufficiently shielded light sources in the field of view, or from reflecting areas of high luminance. It is usually associated with bright areas such as luminaries, ceilings and windows that are outside the visual task or region being viewed. Direct Lighting: by luminaries distributing 90 to 100 percent of the emitted light in the general direction of the surface to be illuminated. The term usually refers to light emitted in a downward direction. (See accent .) Directional Lighting: illumination on the work-plane or on an object predominantly from a single direction. Disability Glare: glare resulting in reduced visual performance and visibility. It is often accompanied by discomfort. Discomfort Glare: glare producing discomfort. It does not necessarily interfere with visual performance or visibility. Efficacy: efficiency of a light source expressed in lumens per watt (LPW or lm/W). Energy: a measure of work done by an electrical system over a given period of time, often expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Enhancing Reflections: reflections which enhance appearance described in such terms as sparkling, glittering, etc.
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Auditorium Lighting - New Lighting, Lighting Services, Added Lighting, Secondary Lighting, Stage Lighting.

Bollard Lighting - Wide variety of Path and Walkway Lights with all sizes, lengths, colors, round and square.

Fluorescent fixtures for commercial business and office applications with sizes, lamp types, lamps colors and reflector lenses.

Fuel Station Lighting Services - High Reach Fuel Station Lighting Services, Canopy lamp replacements and Damage repairs.

HID Lighting - Parking Area Poles, Warehouse, Gymnasium, Bollard Poles, The Work Place, Exterior Flood Lighting Fixtures.

High Bay Lighting - Costs, Details and e-Support for "Wide Area Illumination" for High Ceilings.

Landscape Lighting Experts for; Paver Block Lighting, Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Walls, Gardens and Trees.

LED Lighting - LED Retro-Fit Kits for Exterior Area Lighting and Parking Lot Lighting Poles.

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