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Steam vent-out fans are very important to maintain the conditions within your restroom. Price includes unit, wiring and installation.  Ductwork installation costs can be estimated by email.  These prices are based on project add-ons and full installation accessibility. Restroom Ventilation Fans installed for: $140.00. Heat Lamp units for: $120.00.

Ventilation Choices  -    The wide range of restroom ventilation fans go from the very basic (about $50, normally used to satisfy the building code)  to the stylish and pricey (over $200, normally used where a quick air change is needed).  The choice is based on the specific need, location, make-up air, noise level, ductwork accessibility, etc. Restroom fans are rated by the amount of air they move - CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). 
The goal should be to chose the right fan, and have it installed at the right location. 

Vent, Fan and  Light Combination 50 CFM
Restroom Steam Vent Out Fans, 110 CFM
Vent Fan & Heater Combination 70 CFM
Power Room Vent Fan 50 CFM
Restroom Heat Lamp & Vent Fans 70 CFM

AND ...We can handle: Mirrors, Countertops, Cabinets, Tile, Hand Soap Dispensers, Wash Basins, Eye Wash Stations, Drinking Fountains, Partitions and "hands-free" fixtures.

  Steam Vent-Out  - Shower steam is produced quickly, and needs a quick system to vent it out during the shower. A strong fan, an efficient duct to the exterior and make-up air is essential (door left open).

  Built-in Lighting  -   If you need additional light at the same location as the fan, choose a restroom fan light combination. These start at under $100. A separate switch can be added for the light. For about $50 more, consider a quiet restroom fan (these have a noise level rating). Other upgrades include fan / light / heat combinations and designer grill finishes. Let your budget make this decision.
  Heat Lamps  -  Infrared heat lamps are used to warm the room beforehand (not to be used for tanning).  Heat Lamp / Vent combination units are the choice for rooms needing a quick heat up before a shower or bath.
  Ductwork  -   The duct should run to the exterior.  A smooth run is best.  A double back-up flap (one on the fan, and one on the exterior) should be a must to keep out bugs, birds and unwanted drafts.  Too long or too short is not good.

Do-It-Yourself Installation   -    Your fan will provide step-by-step instructions. Replacing an existing bath fan is easier, since the wiring is already in place. Venting in a new location requires some careful planning. Your fan should be installed in the ceiling, between rafters or floor joists. Two critical questions:

  • How will you get switched wires to your new fan?
  • How will you run the vent ducting to the outdoors?

You might have to do some drywall cutting and patching. You may also need to climb onto your roof to add a vent cover.

  Public Restrooms  -  Normally a single ventilation fan is used for a men's and lady's restroom and operated by a timer switch.
  Maintenance   A noisy fan is usually dirty.  Fan grilles are removable, and easily washed or vacuumed. Clean the fan blades and housing with your vacuum’s crevice tool and a damp cloth. Most fans require no lubrication, but a spray of WD-40 won’t hurt. Never exceed the bulb wattage listed, and clean dusty light bulbs to avoid heat build-up.
  Good to Know  -   When properly chosen and installed, a restroom ventilation fan will run quietly and dependably for years, helping to prevent the unpleasant results of a bathroom odor and steam.
  Good ventilation is important for health and comfort. Bad ventilation reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Commercial property ventilation systems should always be maintained on a routine basis by a professional.
          In addition to drawing fresh air into your home, good ventilation keeps air circulating throughout your home and vents home appliances, like the kitchen fan and fireplace and wood stove, to the outside. Ventilation includes everything from cross ventilation through open windows, to breezes from electric fans, and fresh air from an air exchanger.

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