The power consumption for various items.
you should call us first.  Wattage Information for Standard Appliances.
Typical Wattages at a Glance.
Standard items listed A to Z    Wattage Information for Standard Appliances.    
Air conditioner, central 5,000-10,000 Furnace, fuel-fired 800 Sander, portable 540
Air conditioner, room 800-1,600 Garbage disposal 300-900 Saw, circular 1,200
Blender 350-1,000 Hair dryer, hand-held 260-1,500 Sewing machine 75-150
Broiler 1,000-1,500 Heater, built-in  (baseboard) 500-1,800 Shaver 12
Can opener 100-216 Heater, portable 1,000-1,500 Soldering Iron 150
Coffee Grinder 85-132 Heating Pad 75 Steam Iron 1,100
Coffee Maker 850-1,625 Heat Lamp 250 Stereo, Hi-Fi  
Computer 125-200 Lamps, fluorescent (per bulb) 15-75 Compact Disc Player 12-15
Computer, Printer 125-200 Lamps, incandescent (per bulb) 25-200 Receiver 420
Corn Popper 600 Lamps, halogen 20-50-90    
Dish Washer 1,080-1,800 Microwave Oven 975-1,575    
Drill, portable 360 Mixer, portable 150 Sunlamp 300
Dryer, Clothes 5,600-9,000 Mixer, stand 225    
Fan, exhaust (for range) 176 Projector 350-500 Answering Machine 10-12
Fan, portable 100 Radio 100 Television, color 300
Fan, ceiling 150 Range 8,000-15,000 Toaster 800-1,600
Fax machine 125-200 Range, cook-top 4,000-8,000 Trash compactor 1,250
Food processor 200 Range, oven 4,000-8,000 Vacuum cleaner 800-1500
Freezer, frostless 1,056 Refrigerator, frostless 960-1,200 VCR 17-23
Freezer, standard 720 Refrigerator, standard 720 Washer, clothes 840
Frying pan 1,250-1,465 Roaster 1,425 Water heater 4,000-6,000
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