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 Galvanized Steel Wire Strand - Available in Various Specifications for Aerial Self-support Fiber Optic Cable Uni-tube Steel Wire Armored Self-supporting Aerial Fiber Optic Cable with Aluminum-PE Sheath and Communication Cable 5E and 6E Communication Cable with Copper Drain Wire and HDPE Insulation. Fiber-optic Cable Uni-tube Steel Wire Armored Aerial/Duct Fiber-optic Cable with Low Dispersion and Attenuation. Wire Strand Galvanized Steel Wire Strand, Stay and Messenger Wire, Supports Aerial - self, BS 443 Approved Fiber Cable Uni-tube Steel Wire Armored Self-supporting. Aerial Optical Fiber Cable with 24-core Fiber-optic Cable Uni-tube Steel Wire Armored Aerial / Duct Fiber-optic Cable, Applicable for CATV

Wire Strands Galvanized Steel Wire Strands, Stay and Messenger Wire, Aerial Self-support.

New pole lighting installations are my favorite type of work. It's because I have construction in my blood. The mixture of strong construction and electrical know-how best describes The Able Group. Allow me to boast a little about us; offering High reach bucket truck services for every neighborhood surrounding: Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County and the City of Philadelphia. Lighting Expert and Estimator. Quick & Reliable Service for the Tri-State Area. Neighborhood Lighting for Your Community Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights. Street Light Pole Fixture Service. Pole Damage Repair and Replacements. New Installations and/or Changes needed. Underground Power Repair Service and electrical service for any Gate House System. Repairs, New Installations. Lighted Signs and Caution Signals. New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting - You Call us for any difficult location lighting repair work. New installations and upgrades for fuel stations, community centers, shopping centers or any public facility. Parking lot lighting design or re-design. We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Our years of experience in providing good common sense planning and installations makes us the one to choose. Need to get up high? We are the cherry picker service crew to handle any job. Yes, our List of Services is Long! LED - the latest in High Tech, trouble free, low energy illumination.

Supply Space, Safety Zone Space, and Communications Space.
A device is described for connecting two electric aerial cables. Each aerial cable has tube, containing optical fibers, which is cabled with electric conductors and strength member. Means are provided for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining of the electric conductors and strength members of the two cables. A sealed splice carrier for receiving the spliced connections of the optical fibers comprises two concentric tubes (7, 9) with a annular gap between them. The annular gap is sealed at both ends. The optical fibers are inserted into the annular gap through apertures in the end seals (8). The spliced connections and a length of optical fibers are stored in the annular gap. The splice carrier (5) surrounds the means (21, 3) for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining and is attached to the electrically conductive joining means (3) or to the aerial cables (1).

Our High Reach Company serves the construction, commercial and industrial properties with cost effective SERVICE of Aerial Lifts and Material Handling equipment.  Our expertise is trade work at High Reach Locations for construction, shipyard, public service, and industrial sectors. Serving all around the Philadelphia area & suburbs.


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Pole to pole, building to pole, we can get the cables to you. Aerial electrical services.
Aerial cabling systems for every purpose. High voltage cable to communication and data systems we are the company to call first. We have the experience with electrical utility requirements and local utility pole codes.

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Parking Lot Pole Lighting and Cable Services, Philadelphia.

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  Yes, it's what we do best: Community Lighting, Neighborhood Street Lights, Sports Lights and Park Lights. It takes years of experience to handle every problem, and outdoor lights develop a whole lotta problems! Neighborhood and Community Lighting Services are usually a "hurry up and fix it" matter because no one feels safe in the darkness. Sports Lighting and Park Lights on the other hand can usually handle a few days till we arrive (unless there is a hazardous condition of some sort). Costs, Details and Repair Estimates by email.

Every Lighted Sign, Every Pole Light, Every Neon, Every High Reach Electrical Repair - Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.