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We Install Thru-Wall Air Conditioners:
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Air Conditioners - Through Wall Installations, Price list, for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Facilities.
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We install Ask us about it:  Units with dual purpose supplemental heat, an energy efficient heat pump, HVAC makeover, split systems, ductless systems, ductwork, window unit air conditioners, through the wall,  thru-wall weather proofing, apartment units.
Installation Estimate Price List, (once the unit is onsite):
A.  Initial Service / Work Set Up / Travel $ 85.00 (additional travel costs may apply).
B. Thru-Wall, cut, install and seal - Property frame and siding - $825.00.
C. Thru-Wall, cut, install and seal - Property masonry - $975.00.
D. Thru-Wall Replacement, install and seal - Property masonry - $600.00.
E. Thru-Wall Replacement w/additional cutting or modifications required - $85.00 per hour.
F. Electrical Changes, New Circuit, New Receptacle, not included - TO BE ESTIMATED.
G. Window Unit, install and seal - customized panel and window modifications required - $380.00.
H. Difficult or High Reach Locations; ADD to Lines B. thru G. approx. $225.00, conditions permitting.

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Deciding the right type of air conditioner is whether to opt for a whole-house air conditioner, one or more room air conditioners, or a heat pump. For more information call us about it. We can give you informative support on air conditioner sizes and costs for a single room, or on central air conditioning.
  Thru-Wall Air conditioners, High Reach Installers all around Phila.
Room Air Conditioners: Choose a north wall if possible. If not, go with a south wall.
Avoid east or west walls because the direct sunlight will reduce the unit's efficiency.
Heat pumps are an energy efficient double benefit.
Central air conditioning is the most popular of the options for properties that are already equipped with a forced-air heating system. Another note about deciding where you want to place the air conditioner.
Under a window is usually best because the header necessary to hang a window is usually sufficient to
support a through the wall air conditioner. Make sure the appropriate voltage electrical outlet is within reaching distance of the air conditioner's cord.  Also make sure there are no utilities, such as gas or electric lines, in the wall under the window.
Step One, Call us about air conditioning, HVAC, heat pump, split system, and energy efficient installation, ductless AC, ventilation, cooling fans, thermostat, ductwork, window unit air conditioner and who to call for an electrician or an electrical contractor.
Step Two, Measure the hole in the dimension needed according to the air conditioner's installation directions.
Mark the dimensions on the wall. Carefully cut away the drywall under the window.
Use the pry bar to carefully remove the drywall. Set it aside.
Step Three, Build the frame for the air conditioner unit under the window.
Make sure the measurements are correct for the unit you are installing.
Use 2x4 or 2x6 lumber according to the width of your house's exterior wall.
Step Four, Open the exterior wall. Drill a hole on the inside corner of the frame from the interior of the house out.  These four holes mark where to cut on the exterior wall. Draw four straight lines on the outside of the house to mark where to cut. Use your saber saw or circular saw to cut away the exterior section.
Step Five, Slide the air conditioner chassis into place. Make sure the air conditioner has a slight tilt so the condensation runs outside.
Attach to the walls according to the manufacturer's directions. Slide the air conditioner into place & secure it.
Step Six, Replace insulation around the air conditioner unit.
Use the drywall that you took out earlier to cover any portions of the wall that may be exposed. Seal the seams with drywall tape. Step Seven, Caulk around the outside of the air conditioner unit.
Silicone is a good choice because it is flexible in all kinds of weather and can withstand the vibrations of the air conditioner.
Step Eight, Contact Us About the cost for anything else you'd rather not do; evaporator, coil,
rooftop units, etc.
We'll use our bucket truck to put the thru-wall unit in from the outside and seal it tight.

Thru-wall Air Conditioners, Quick Bucket Truck Install or Replace by Able Group Inc.



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