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buss duct assembly and installations, repairs due to internal shorting, extensions or reductions, metallic dust tracking and buss duct distribution problems. We are the industrial electrical experts with experience on: aluminum and copper buss bars, circuit breaker, plug in, disconnect, bolt-on, electrical, three, pole, electrical service, interchangeable, Large Frame Circuit Breakers, hard-to-find circuit breakers, including obsolete circuit breakers. The National Electrical Code, bolt-on breakers, high voltage circuit breaker, GFI receptacles, grounding rods and cold water pipe grounding. Electrical safety inspections main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock, wiring diagrams, grounding rods, Commercial, Industrial, grounding, We are installers. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA, breakers, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA.
Electrical bus duct is an enclosed power distribution system are long sections running through out a facility. The buss bars inside are live conductors to power switches that can be installed along the system at any location. Our experience with a variety of manufacturers such as Siemens, Westinghouse, Square D and ITE. Bus duct is used for the effective and efficient supply of electricity in mostly industrial locations. Copper or aluminum is used for the conductor of bus duct that be insulated and enclosed completely for protection against mechanical damage and dust accumulation. A bus duct system is an effective method of distributing power to your switchgear and various loads.
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 If you are installing bus duct outside, select a housing type that sheds rainwater - rather than pooling it on top of the housing. If you are going to install any part of the bus duct outdoors, use factory-installed pre-wired space heaters with integral thermostats to prevent condensation problems. New and reconditioned circuit breakers, electrical distribution and control equipment. Bus bars are typically either flat strips or hollow tubes as these shapes allow heat to dissipate more efficiently due to their high surface area to cross-sectional area ratio.
From Siemens breakers to Cutler Hammer, FPE, General Electric and ITE to a wide variety of Square D breakers and even a large selection of rare or uncommon items, such as Westinghouse breakers and hard-to-find circuit breakers. Challenger, Crouse-Hinds, Cutler-Hammer, Federal Pacific (FPE), Fuji, General Electric, Murray Siemens / ITE / Gould, Square D, Thomas & Betts, Wadsworth, Westinghouse, Zinsco, ASCO, Sylvania, Switchboards & Switchgear, Breaker Accessories, Motor Controls, Allen Bradley, Joslyn Clark and Furnas.
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