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Drop ceilings are much lighter and easier to install than drywall. Drop ceilings can conceal plumbing, wiring, or ductwork while still allowing easy access to it. They can reduce your utility bills by lowering the ceiling height and providing an extra insulating layer. Drop ceilings provide sound absorption and also help to regulate moisture in basements. Easy to maintain: if a drop ceiling tile is damaged, remove it and replace it. Tiles for drop ceilings are available in various colors and styles and wood, metal, vinyl, and foam. Due to their ease of installation, practicality in use and maintenance, and styles to fit any property.

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Facility Service Specialists: We're Experienced in Everything: commercial-retail store, industrial factory, rental property, restaurant, fuel station, public property, medical facility, office building. Parking Lot Lighting, Transformers, two-phase & three phase, tenant space fit up, customized fabrications, pylon signs, neon, utility pole, etc.

Call us for: painting, caulking, welding, concrete, drywall, carpentry, countertops, carpet, etc.  
Patch work, painting, prep work and sanding for walls and ceilings.  Texture for walls and ceilings, apply drywall compound to surface. Spray applied texture for walls and ceilings. New drywall compound to surface. Knock Down texture and hand trowel. Skim coat drywall and added protection of adjacent areas, spraying, surface preparation, all hand work, flat latex, sand and paint. Latex, Gloss, Semi Gloss Paint. Popcorn/Blown Texture into apply medium popcorn texture material to new drywall. Staining, Hanging flush pre hung hollow core door, includes staining and varnishing of a single door and trim. Base molding, chair-rail, casements and moldings. Wide closet shelving. Louvered (Pair) Bi fold, Louvered Door. Roll-up Garage Door. Base Cabinetry, exterior surface. Medicine Cabinet. Finish Concrete, Masonry, Block Wall. Able Group Inc. 610-853-8311,
 Figures and Costs and Plenty of information. Plenty of Hard Work. We are Commercial Facility Services and .....We are experienced property maintenance workers continuously striving to give you more for the money. Our answer is always Yes, we can fix it. Our Trade-Hands Work Force can be there in a hurry. Repairs, Replacements, Lighting, Telephone, Heating, Electric, Water, Air conditioning, Roof Cover, Hazardous Conditions, Welding Supports, Power Transformer. Emergency Response Services for: Damages, Outages, Wind, Fire, Flood, etc. We keep your business running. Small Jobs, Large Jobs, High Reach Equipment. Hoisting, Rigging. Work through the night crew. We get the job done right! Informative online support for every property service, job, installation or improvement. You can also count on us for: Electrical jobs, heating, air conditioning and plumbing jobs. Hardscaping projects, retaining walls, new driveways and driveway sealing, landscaping, exterior maintenance, gutters, waterproofing, and concrete. Supplemental heating systems, Air Conditioning, insulation, solar panels, etc.