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Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Philadelphia, Main Line and Suburbs.

Apartment Utility Separations, Separate Metering for Every Tenant.

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Over thirty years of experience performing the widest range of services.

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All types of real estate maintenance for every type of concern.  We are experienced in every type of repair or replacement with quick service and honest pricing.  We have a host of experienced contractors in our network.  Committed to low cost and a good name for repeat business.  We will never let you down.  These are some of the services and installations you can rely on with one phone call to our office.  Items from small to large such as;  from handyman fix-it to surveying and engineering a building lot or property line.  Mechanicals such as A/C Central Air Conditioning, Air conditioning special parts, A/C HVAC Supplies, A/C thru-wall, Acoustical Ceilings, Additions, Alarm Systems, Appliance Purchases, Appliance Installers, Architects and Planning, Audio/Visual, Awnings and Canopies. Commercial and industrial hard to find circuit breakers, Routine Commercial Maintenance, Control Panels, custom electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, Driveway Heaters, walkway heaters, handicap ramp heaters, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Parts, Electric Heaters, electrical metering and monitoring and facility electronics, Electrical Supplies, Exhaust Fans  Contractors Resources and Contractors Network Services.  Ask us about motors, motor controls, motor starters and ways to save energy. Commercial and Industrial guard posts, bollards, and Gatehouse shelters.  Apartment and Business Complex Maintenance,  Public Facility Maintenance Doors-Exterior, Doors, Overhead doors, Driveway, Drywall,
 spackle, patchwork, Electric Heater, Electrical Outlets, Electrical Protection, Electric Service Upgrade, Electrical Supplies, Electrical Installations, Emergency Lighting, Energy Saving, green, green property, green roof, green building materials, Exit Sign, Fascia & Soffit, Fence, Gates, Fences, Gate, Fiber Optics, Fire Alarm systems, Fire Escapes, Fire Restorations, Fireproofing, Fire Protection Systems, Fire Sprinklers, Fireplaces, gas fireplace, raised hearth, flagstone hearth, tile hearth, fire brick, flue lining, flue liner, Flooring and Carpet, Garage, General Contractors, Generator - Emergency Power, Glasswork, Gutters, Gutter Work, Greenhouses, Handicap Ramps and Equipment, high pressure sodium, metal halide, compact fluorescent lamps, pop corn ceilings, spray paint, concrete foundation, footing, perk testing, plywood, Hardwood Floors, Hardwood Flooring, Heater, furnace, Heating and HVAC, Home Improvement, Historical Restoration, Home Inspection, Home Theaters, Insulation, Insulating your property, Iron Work/Welding, Kitchen, kitchen, Planning, Landscape, Grass, lawn, Landscaping, Planting, Landscape Lighting, Landscape work, excavation, Trees, Light Bulbs, Lighting, Lighting Restoration, Log Homes, Lumber and Millwork, Lumber (treated), Metal Building, Painting - room sizing, Painting Prep work, Parking Lot Lighting,  Photovoltaic Systems, Plastering and Drywall Trades, Playground Equipment, Plumbing Supplies, Plumbing, Ponds and Preformed-liners, Pools-Spas, Prefab Structures, Property Maintenance Services, Propane, Radiant Heating, Receptacles, Recessed Lighting, Refrigeration - Commercial, Retaining Walls, Roofing - Flat, Roofing - Shingles, Roof Safety Equipment, Screen Enclosures, Security Cameras, Sheds, Siding, Sinks, Faucets, Skylights, Solar Panels, Spas/Hot Tubs, Standby Power Generators, Stairs & Railings, Steel, Stucco, Sun Rooms, Suspended Ceilings, Suspended Ceiling grid parts, Swimming Pool, Telecommunication, Thru-Wall, HVAC, Toilets, Tubs and Shower, Utility Meter Separations, Video Surveillance Systems, Voice, sound and Data, Ventilation Equipment,
Walls & Ceilings, Wallpaper covering, Water Heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, Tankless water heaters, Welding, ornamental iron, Windows, Window treatment, interior decorating, 3Phase, 2Phase electrical service, Air Conditioners, Apartment Turn-Overs, Attic Fans, pull down attic stairs, Auditorium Lighting, Back-Up Power Generators, Basement Egress Doors, Basic Wiring, Bathroom Ventilation Fans, heat lamp, shower light, Buss Duct, Cable and Wire, commercial warehouse ceiling fans, Circuit Breakers, Clean Outs, Commercial Maintenance, Control Panels, Countertops, Custom Electrical Equipment, Decks and Benches, Dig Safely, Lighting Fixtures, Switch, Dimmer, Driveway Heaters. walkway heaters, handicap ramp heaters, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Parts, Electric Heaters, Electric Meter, gas meter, water meter, Electronic Air Filters, Electrical Supplies, Energy Cutter Improvements, Exhaust Fans, Eye - Spy, Facility Rescue Services, Facility Routine Maintenance, Fence Work, Fluorescent Lamps, portable Generators, Halogen light bulbs, HD, TV, Cable, Heat Pumps, HID Lamps, High Bay Lighting, Certificate of occupancy inspections, Installers, Investigations, Kitchen cabinet, granite, bathroom, restroom, LAN Wiring,Landscape Lighting, LED Lamps, Light Bulbs, Light Poles, Lighting Contactors, mechanically held contactors. Motors, Motor Starters, Occupancy Sensors, Paver Stones, Pole Lighting, Power Factor Correction, Power Problem Guide, Recessed Fixtures, Reconditioning, Renovations, Roof Coating, OSHA Safety Inspections, Service Upgrade, Speakers, Sports Lighting, playground lighting, Sump Pumps, Sun Rooms, Surge / Spike suppressers, Trade-Hands, Work-Crew, Transformers, Underground Electrical Power, Ventilation, Walls and Ceilings, Whole House Fans, Trade Workers Crew, Building Equipment, Building Maintenance, Carpenters, General Contractors, Concrete Work Construction Suppliers,

Electric Gate, Openers for parking areas.



We'll Get it for you, and we work harder to please!  Contractors for: workplace, commercial, industrial, institutional, rental properties and public facilities.

Trades of the Latest Technologies for Lighting, Data, HVAC, Motors, Security, Electrical, Ventilation.

We are Building Maintenance Contractors performing a host of service for any facility.   Our experience in the full spectrum of property services make us the "Facility Specialists" in the Delaware Valley. We are Commercial Property Maintenance and Able to Fix-It. 
While you may have to do some homework to decide how often and when to inspect and maintain systems, the process can be streamlined through software built for organizing PM programs. Computerized maintenance management systems can focus your preventive maintenance - from inventory to work orders and requisition - into one package. Using software to track inspection, jobs, checklists, and many more aspects will streamline a process that might otherwise be cumbersome or disorganized. "PC-based comprehensive building maintenance software packages incorporate an equipment inventory and issue maintenance requests based on facility requirements, such as frequency and action dates, equipment maintenance history, and staff.

People spend 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air problems can be subtle and do not always produce easily recognized impacts on health, well-being, or the physical plant. For this and the reasons noted above, air quality in schools is of particular concern - proper maintenance of indoor air is more than a "quality" issue, it encompasses safety and stewardship of our investment in the students, staff, and facilities.

Whether students are participating in indoor or outdoor school activities, respiratory health should always be considered, and the impact that air quality has on students with asthma is always a concern. However, even students that are not affected by asthma can be affected by certain sources of air pollution that are associated with schools. Diesel exhaust from idling school buses can accumulate on and around the bus and pose a health risk, particularly to children. When buses idle in the school yard, the exhaust can pollute the air inside the school building and pose a health risk to children throughout the day.

If your sign is broke -
We can fix it. Lighted Signs, Pole Lights, Every High Reach Electrical Repair - Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey.

Property Maintenance for Large Facilities.

Public Facility - Maintenance and Janitorial Concerns.

Restroom Maintenance and Janitorial Concerns.

Ventilation for every facility.

3Phase - 2Phase, Philadelphia.

Lighted Sign Services, Electrical High Reach Signage Repairs by Able Group Inc.

Aerial Electrical Cables - Services around Philly.

Auditorium Equipment Systems, Delaware Valley.

Industrial Electrical Buss Duct, Sizes and Information.

Custom Industrial Electrical Equipment, Delaware County.

Industrial Control Panels, Philadelphia.