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Quick response for your email Neighborhood Lighting for Your Community.  Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights. Street Light Pole Fixture Service. Pole Damage Repair and/or Replace. New Installations and/or Changes needed. Underground Power Repair Service and electrical service for Gate House Systems. Repairs, New Installations. Lighted Signs and Caution Signals. New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting.
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Neighborhood Lighting;  Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights.
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Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting, Street Lights, Sports Lights, Park Lights.
  Neighborhood and Community Lighting Services all around PA, New Jersey and Delaware.
Converting to LED - Better and long lasting.
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Contact us for Sports Lights, Park Lights and Street Lights. High reach bucket truck services for your neighborhood surrounding:  Philadelphia, PA, Delaware and NJ.
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Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting, Street Lights, Sports Lights and Park Lights.

Yes, our List of Services is Long!   LED - the latest in High Tech, trouble free, low energy illumination. Costs, Details and Repair Estimates by email. Auditorium Lighting, Bollard Lighting, CFL Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures. HID Lighting. High Bay Lighting. Landscape Lighting. LED Lamps. LED Lighting Fixtures and the latest Technology. Lighted Gardens. Paver Stone Lighting, Commercial property Recessed Fixtures Street Light Services, T5 Lighting, Warehouse Lighting, Shop Work & Repair services. Lighting Bollards - Lighting Restorations for Antique Fixtures. Lighting Retro-Fit, Energy Savings for Large Buildings. Light Bulbs, sizes and variety. Community Lighting, Neighborhood Lighting. Parking Lot Lighting Urgent Damage Service. Various types of Pole Lighting with Holiday decorations. Vandal Damage repairs for parking lot poles, high reach bucket service and parking lot lighting electrical contractor.

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Contact us for a new parking lot lighting design. We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Our years of experience in providing good common sense planning and installations makes us the one to choose.

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Our Street Lighting Team is responsible for the maintenance of street lighting and manage a variety of functions associated with the community associations in Delaware County. Our Team also provides a consultancy and design service to private developers Councils and other community organizations. To report a faulty Street Light - Faulty lighting is repaired during the daytime, when all of the lights should be off. If you are reporting a faulty street light, please help us to locate its position by providing the complete reference, painted in white, on the column. We'll diagnose problems of street lights with the electricity power supply on in order to detect the location of failures. Photo operated circuits must be jumped out to see if the lighting fault you are concerned about has already been reported to the utility company.