Quick response information for your email; Custom electrical equipment, panel covers, trough covers, switch gear covers, transformer covers, light fixture covers, buss duct, steel, copper, aluminum.
Custom Made Electrical Equipment for Your Needs;
Design and Fabrications for your special purpose.
Service or Costs by email:     ablegroup@verizon.net
Custom Electrical Equipment, Design, Delivery and/or Installation.     Custom Power, Custom Controls, Custom Lighting
Low Cost Shop-work for anything electrical.

Custom made panel covers, power trough, switch gear, transformer covers, lighting fixture covers.
YES, we can Make It.
Specialized Electrics, Boxes, Cabinets and items for any particular need.
Fabricated operating equipment or motor equipment for power and controls.
Custom Electrical Equipment - just ask us.
Electrical Fabrications by Able Group Inc.
Electrical boxes, cabinets, enclosures - Equipment made to Order for Business and Industry.
Costs, sizes, types, availability, references, or any electrical questions. New, used, reconditioned, modified for size. Custom boxes, troughs, panels and buss.

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on Control Panels
  If you Need it....
YES we can make it!

Custom made equipment of all sorts.  Reconditioned Bus plugs, New and Reconditioned Starters, Buss Duct special fit work.  Safety Switch parts, Reconditioned Safety Switches, Motor Control Center. Fused Panel Board Switches, Distribution Panel Modifications, Hard to find Circuit Breakers. Transformers and Industrial Controls.

Custom Fabrications for your design:
And repairs, reconditioning, rebuilding, welding, bending, plastics, extend or reduce. We also make brackets, connectors, trough, raceway and custom made lighting fabrications. We are the industrial electrical experts with experience on: aluminum and copper buss bars, circuit breaker, plug in, disconnect, bolt-on, electrical, three, pole, electrical service, interchangeable, Large Frame Circuit Breakers, hard-to-find circuit breakers, including obsolete circuit breakers. The National Electrical Code, bolt-on breakers, high voltage circuit breaker, GFI protection and grounding. Electrical safety inspections main lug panel, cadmium connectors, twist-lock, wiring diagrams, grounding rods, Commercial, Industrial, grounding, We are installers. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA, breakers, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA.
We can Make It or Repair It.
Recondition It. Rebuild It. Duplicate It. Safety Proof It. Vandal-proof It.
Custom Make It to Your Specifications!

Specic Purpose - Control panels, Buss Duct, Power Panels, Switch Gear, steel, copper, aluminum, disconnect, safety, electrical, cabinets, welding, enclosures, controls, relays, raceway, brackets, etc..
For Information, Costs and Details: Just Ask Us
Call the Electrical Contractors for all Commercial & Industrial Property Services. Commercial Property Upgrades, Inspection Service for Heavy Electrical Equipment. And we are Workshop - Repair Shop Contractor Services. If it's electric - we are Able to make it. Able parts and blacksmith services, ironsmith, equipment repairs, recondition, welding, replacement parts, spray painting, refurbish, electrical, make parts, lathe, custom made, home repairs, fabrication, household items, appliances, handyman, rebuilding, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA. Able electric for: panel covers, trough covers, switch gear covers, transformer covers, fabrication, reconditioning, motors, etc.

The Able Group Fabrication Work Shop   - Yes, we can Make It: 
Electrical Enclosures, Weatherproof enclosures, Control Enclosures, Ventilation enclosures, Optical devices, Sensors, Motors, Electronic devices, Machinery, Telecom, Lighting, Medical devices, Sound equipment, Sporting equipment, HVAC, Tools, etc.
Design and Engineering for Plastic,  Wood,  Medal,  Glass,  Plexi-glass,  Steel,  Copper,  Aluminum.  Cleaning,  Striping, Refinishing,  Repainting,  Reinforcing,  Customizing.  
Items Small or Large. Custom sheet metal fabrication.
Close-tolerance sheet metal as per your specifications.
Custom Metal fabrications to your insightful design.
Meticulous precision fabrications with multiple materials combined.
Special Electrics and Special Lighting added to any project.
Special Ventilation Systems. Custom Security Items.

Electrical Equipment made to order - Fabrication Services all around Philadelphia & Tri-State areas.

Custom Electrical Bus bar Fabrication Work, Philadelphia.

Welding Design and Fabrication Services for Custom Electrical Boxes and Troughs.

Customized Transformers, Buss Duct, Distribution Panels.

Yes, we are Able to Relocate it. Rigging and Hauling by the Able Group.

Specialized Workshop Repair Services.

Yes we can fix it, Able Shop Works, Lighted Signs, Pole Lights, Repairs and Fabrications.

Specialized Fabrication Services A to Z. Wood, Medal, Glass, Plexi-glass, Steel, Copper, Aluminum. Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing, Customizing. Items Small or Large. Custom sheet metal fabrication.