Electric Baseboard Heaters
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Electric Baseboard Heaters
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Best when used for supplemental heating.  Result: walls and everything else in your home slay cleaner longer. Heater body temperatures are safe for children and furniture. And a built-in temperature-sensing device automatically shuts off the heater if overheating should ever occur for any reason.  Able Group Inc. Havertown PA offers free estimates and consultation by email.  Economical alternatives for commercial, industrial, home and office.

For a no fan system dust free, filter less, and air quality comfort.  Get the energy details for new equipment, wall heater thermostat and a resistance heat contactor interconnected system by Able Group electrical contractor for quick electrical service and energy efficient.

Hydronic Baseboard Heaters
Even after the thermostat is off, soft warmth continues to radiate because of the maximum heat retention of the Hydronic element.  The sheathed electric heating element is completely submerged in heat transfer fluid, sealed in a copper tube spanning the length of the heater.  Heat transfers evenly across the entire length of heater.  Low-profile design, just three inches deep, heaters mount flush to wall and flat on wood, tile or carpet.
--- Clean, quiet operation without the noise of a traditional hot water piping system
--- No-maintenance sealed system-nothing to fill or replace, liquid solution is permanently sealed
--- Safe, low surface temperatures; high-temperature shutoff protection

Electric Baseboard Heaters
Easy to install without disassembly, these heaters are designed for quiet operation.  Constructed of precision formed, pre-painted cold-roll steel.  Aluminum finned, steel tubular heating element is suspended in heater for quiet operation.  Lead wires and multiple knockouts at each end allow for quick connection.  Ground wire pigtails and built-in cable clamp provided in each junction box.  Mounting guides across the back of each unit for ease of installation to studs without drilling.  All units are 6 3/4H x 2 7/8D (at the top) x 1 3/4"D (at the bottom).

Accessories for Baseboard Heaters
Inside Corner Section
Joins separate heater units at inside corner of wall.  Color is Northern white.
Unit-Mount Thermostat
Bimetal integral type thermostat comes with junction box cover for easy installation and wiring.  Rated 22 amps @ 120-277 volts.  Temperature range 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
UL and C-UL Listed.
Wall Thermostats
Snap action, bimetal line voltage type.  22 amps @ 120/240 volts.  18 amps @ 277 volts.  Temperature range 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Color is white. No. 3UH07 only is CSA Certified.
120 Volt Duplex Receptacle
Dual 120V outlets.  Easily installs within junction box at either end of heater.
Inside Corner Section, $14.37
Unit Mount Thermostat, $19.52
Unit Mount Thermostat with D.P. Snap Action, $25.77
Wall Thermostats Single Pole, Snap Action, $17.80
Wall Thermostats Double Pole, Snap Action, $11.98
120 Volt Duplex Receptacle, $16.56

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