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Circuit Breakers, Spike and Surge protection, GFI receptacle (Ground Fault Interrupter), GFI Circuits, Grounding Rods, Surge Protection Equipment, UPS Systems (Un-interruptible Power Supply),
Water-Pipe Grounding and the Arc-Fault Electrical Code.
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Spike / Surge Protectors  An electrical device that provides protection for the electrical items within a property can the called a " spike or surge protector". It's commonly used to protect computers and other sensitive equipment from surges that can occur in the wiring. Although the wiring in your property can handle many variations of voltage, any item that has electronic components inside it can not.  Electrical surges can occur from a number of sources, namely: lightning, problems in the utility company lines, and the basic surges that occur normally in any property (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.).   A spike is a brief increase in the voltage intensity and a surge is an increase that endures a bit longer than a spike. In either case, the voltage increases generally endures for less then a second. Surge protectors can prevent many of the problems resulting from spikes and surges. There is a huge variety of Surge Protection Equipment available for a variety of purposes. UPS Systems (" Un-interruptible Power Supply") are the best protection for a computer or computer networking system. They not only provide the best spike and surge protection, they keep a constant operating power supply during
a black out.

GFI Receptacles  An electrical device that provides protection for you, can be called a "GFI Receptacle" (Ground Fault Interrupter). You've been seeing them everywhere lately because of the safety they provide. Because electrical grounding is very important, these devices provide safety without it.   GFI Receptacles always have a test and reset button. Although they are meant for standard use, they are required by code for areas that may be hazardous. They should always be found in locations where one could come in contact with water such as: bathroom, kitchen, outside, basement, etc. This is because they are meant to shut down immediately before you can get an electric shock from the item plugged in. Press your test button to be sure!

Grounding Rods  Grounding the main electric service of any property is extremely important, and it’s considered top priority by electrical inspectors.  The ground rod is an electrical connection to earth.  It’s the part directly in contact with the earth (earth electrode) and can be as simple as a metal (usually copper) rod or stake driven into the earth, or it can be a complex system of buried rods and wires.  Although the incoming service from the utility company has a ground, the ground rod serves as a backup.  This means your ground rod should never be in use under normal conditions.  It is strictly a fail safe measure protecting your property and you.  All the pipes within the property should be connected together (otherwise called bonding) with a common bonding cable to the main electric service and the ground rod. No property is exempt from this, not even trailers.
             Swimming pool equipment is bonded double for the additional hazards of combining electrical power, water, fencing and earth.  It also gives protection from other sources such as lightning.

Arc Fault   An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a circuit breaker designed to prevent fires by detecting an unwanted electrical arc and to disconnect the power before the arc starts a fire. An arc fault is a high power discharge of electricity between two or more conductors. The arc faults of our concern occur in major electrical distribution systems. While a low power arc of a few amps may initiate an arc fault, a true arc fault will rapidly increase in current up to several hundred amps or even thousands of amps. An electrical switchboard seven feet high, three feet wide, four feet deep, containing several hundred pounds of metal conductors and supports can, in a few seconds, be reduced to an empty shell. An Arc Fault Detection (AFD)

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Lightning Protection Systems and Equipment
Surge suppressors should be installed with minimum lead lengths to their respective panels. Under fast rise time conditions, cable inductance becomes important and high transient voltages can be developed across long leads.
In all instances, use high quality, high speed, self-diagnosing protective components. Transient limiting devices may use a combination of arc gap diverters-metal oxide varistor-silicon avalanche diode technologies. Hybrid devices, using a combination of these technologies, are preferred. Know your clamping voltage requirements.
Downconductors should be installed in a safe manner through a known route, outside of the structure. They should not be painted, since this will increase impedance. Gradual bends (min. eight inch radius) should be adopted to avoid flashover problems. Building steel may be used in place of downconductors where practical as a beneficial part of the earth electrode subsystem. Air terminal design may alter Streamer behavior. In equivalent e-fields, a blunt pointed rod is seen to behave differently than a sharp pointed rod.

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