Exhibit Set-Up and Break Down   Professional Trade Artisans.
Licensed, Insured and ready when you are.
Set-Up Work Crew for your design.
And we have the electrical gadgets to made a big impression!
Artistic trade work for any Exhibit or Special Event. Call The Special Event
Work Crew.
Displays, Stage, Wires, Lights, Sound, Tents YES, we'll handle it all. 
Gallery assembly and construction for sales and the imagination.
We are the trade artisans for the eye catching exhibition.
Licensed in Philly as general and electrical contractors with experience in art, wares of all sorts, furniture, electronics, photography and signage.
Building the assignment you give us.
Able to develop your goals and time table for the creation of exhibits, demonstrations, programming, coordination and production of special events.
Custom Made and - Able to Make it Happen for less!

Call the Able Group trade work crew artisans for the difficult jobs and the hard work in building, packaging, landscape displays, cleaning, moving, assembly and demolition.

  • Working with sponsors, vendors and patrons regarding these events;

  • Working with event coordinators in creating, programming, and designing events and parties for the film festival;

  • Serving as a knowledgeable source on all festival programming and events to promote on ongoing basis while hosting festival guests;

  • Assisting festival staff where needed.

  • Trade show, home show, shipping, handling, Montgomery and Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA

  • Event planning and organization skills, creativity, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and patience are all useful skills for success. Unique Pottery, Jewelry, Stained Glass, Judaic, Woodwork, Mobiles, Mirrors, Art Glass, Prints, Tiles, Garden Art, Wind Chimes, Lamps, Clocks, Boxes, B2B display works.

    How about a quick "get it done" work-crew today?

    Exhibition Event

  •   We have all the equipment, lighting, sound, platforms, scaffolding, trucks, motor equipment, tools, know-how workers and high reach bucket truck services.
    Pop-Up Displays 10' Floor Pop-Up Displays 9' Straight Pop-Up Displays 8' Floor Pop-Up Displays 6' Floor Pop-Up Displays Convex Pop-Up Displays 6' Tabletop Pop-ups 8' Tabletop Pop-ups 20' Serpentine Popup Tower Banner Stands Standard Retractable Banner Premium Retractable Banner Scrolling Banner Stands Double Sided Retractor Adjustable Banner Stands X/L Banner Stands Tabletop Panel Displays 6 Seamless Panel Displays 4 Seamless Panel Displays 6 Dual-Function Panel 4 Dual-Function Panel 6 Folding Panel Displays 4 Folding Panel Displays Literature Rack 4-Pocket Literature Display 8-Pocket Literature Display Z-Shape Literature Display Trade Show / Event Tents Trade Show Booth Accessory Display Artwork Guidelines Trade Show Packages Trade Show Booth Rental Do Tradeshow Policies, Tradeshow Tips

    "On time" set up and take down.

    We can make anything.
    Your design or ours.

    Creating the impressive display to be remembered.

    Getting the Spot-Light on Your Display is what we do!


    Aerial Platform Lift Work for Exhibit Set Up, Philadelphia

    Trade Show and Event Tents - Renovations for your Trade Show Booth.

    Space Savers - Philadelphia. Trade Show Booth Accessories, Tables, Props.

    Public Facility and Display Artwork Gallery.