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Able Group Inc. electrical contractors of the full-service high bay industrial lighting company for T5 industrial fluorescent lighting, T8 industrial fluorescent lighting and T5HO industrial fluorescent lighting are your lighting experts for every application. We offer free lighting consultation for economical lighting fixtures and installation design. These fixtures are only a few samples for Gymnasiums, Work Place Production and Warehouse areas.
Low energy industrial lighting solutions for T5 industrial fluorescent lighting, T8 industrial fluorescent lighting and T5HO industrial fluorescent lighting for low bay and high bay distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing and production floor applications. Lighting with cutting-edge technology in the industrial lighting industry.
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Standard High Bay fixture with "Open Lamp".

T5 industrial fluorescent lighting, T8 industrial fluorescent lighting and T5 HO industrial fluorescent lighting. Enclosed Lamp fixtures are required for areas of air borne dust and areas where food is prepared. Let us design an efficient lighting plan to give you the most light for your money. High Bay & Low Bay fixtures come in a variety of styles for different applications. Contact us for our recommendations.t5, T-5, t5ho, high output, warehouse, high bay lighting, lamps, electrical contractor, electrical service, electrician, construction, Philly, Philadelphia, PA

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Progress P7196-30EB 4 ft. 4-Lamp 32W T8 Fluorescent Wraparound Fixture
Linear Fluorescent by Progress Lighting from the N/A suite. Available in White.
Features Wrap around with clear extruded acrylic diffuser, Squared white end caps, $190.00
8 ft. 1-Lamp 32W T8 Fluorescent Micro Wraparound Tandem Fixture
WB132TE8U-NY-R95-CEEBallast Lamar WB 8 ft. 1-Lamp Tandem 32W T8 Fluorescent High Efficiency Wraparound Fixture 120-277V with CEE ballast $33.19
2 FT, 20 Watt Square Profile Wrap Around two 34 watt, or two 20 watt T12 lamps •White •13-5/8 x 49-1/2 x 2-5/8. $159.00
8 ft. 4-Lamp 32W T8 Fluorescent Tandem High Efficiency
WB232TE8U-NY Lamar WB 8 ft. 4-Lamp 32W T8 Fluorescent Tandem High Efficiency Wraparound Fixture 120-277V. $52.50
4 Lamp 32 watt 8' T8 Standard BF Wrap
32 watt 8 foot T8 standard wrap BF instant start ballast, baked enamel finish and has a prismatic 100 percent acrylic wrap-around lens $44.99
Lithonia 48" 2 Lamp Wrap-Around Light Fixture (3253RE)
1" x 4' 2 lamp Requires 2-32 watt T-8 lamps Replacement bulb Ace no. 3137783 Electronic ballast Decorative oak ends and prismatic lens Energy Star $134.99 Crescent/Stonco NLT232UNIV 2 Light Wraparound Fluorescent Surface
Suitable for mounting on low-density cellulose fiberboard surfaces. Standard Electronic Ballast. Housing has 7/8' KO on each end for row mounting $44.64
FSC 5696-232T/1, 8 Foot Steel Wrap-around
FSC 8' T8 Steel Wrap-around Extruded Prismatic Acrylic Diffuser (1) 120/277v Instant Start Electronic Ballast Uses (4) F32T8 Lamps $110.00
Linear Lamp Size 8 Foot Box For Use With 8-ft. Linear Lamps (25 T-12s or 57 T-8s) Length 96 In.
UL Approval No. 4G/Y17.5/S/09 $175.00
Lithonia Lighting C296T8120GEB 2-Lamp Fluorescent Strip Light 96"
2-light fluorescent luminaries suitable for a wide range of surface and suspended applications. Electronic ballast. UL listed.
No. C232120GESB: $63.44
T5 - 48 is a 4 foot, 8 bulb, T5 high output fluorescent grow light. where heat is a concern $79.95

We are lighting experts. Repairs and replacements of under cabinet lights, front awn post lights and area flood lights such as high pressure sodium and medal halide. Electrical safety inspections checking your circuit breakers, GFI receptacles, grounding rods and cold water pipe grounding.  We are installers for: main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock receptacles, power poles and floor receptacles for your mid-floor electrical needs.

Do - It - Yourself   Lighting Fixture Installations

  This page covers the installation of standard "surface mounted" lighting fixtures to an existing ceiling lighting outlet box. Other types of lighting fixture installations can be discussed through e-mail.

Installing Lighting Fixtures -

To replace an existing lighting fixture we recommend that you purchase a similar type or style (for an easier job) and have it ready for installation when you're ready to remove the old one.

STEP 1. Be sure the power is turned off to that circuit (or shut all power off).
STEP 2. To begin removing the existing lighting fixture, remove any glass and light bulbs first. Then look for the mounting screws (normally 2 screws are used to attach it to the wall or ceiling) remove them and let the fixture hang softly from the wires.
STEP 3. Take notice to the two wiring connections. The fixture wires (flexible, stranded) to the outlet box wires (harder, solid) these same wires will be used for the new fixture ( other wires in the outlet box do not matter and should be left alone), remove the wire connectors (wire nuts) and the ground wire (if it exists) and you're ready for the new fixture.
NOTE - If the existing wires have insulation cover that is crumbling apart an electrician should be brought in to complete this job!
STEP 4. Assemble the new fixture as per the instructions in the box, but leave the glass and bulb's) out until completion.
STEP 5. Remove the old mounting hardware, and install the new mounting hardware to the same screws. If there is no outlet box there, we recommend one be installed and properly supported. Always keep in mind that all electrical wiring should be contained within metal when completed. STEP 6. Wiring connections are the most important concern now, Wires must be stripped (on both sets) about 1/2" to 3/4" long. When the wires are joined together (to make the connections) the insulation cover of the wires should match up and the copper ends of the wires should match up. Use only spring insert type wire nuts (look for the metal spring inside) and turn clockwise on the wires as many turns as it takes to "tighten up". If it does not tighten up you must separate the wires and start again (sometimes the stranded wire separates from the end of the solid wire inside the wire nut and wraps around loosely). The copper of the wires should only be visible inside the wire nut when you are done and should not be able to pull apart easily. Attach the ground wire securely to the outlet box or mounting hardware.
STEP 7. Install the fixture with the mounting screws. Sometimes the new screws may be too short or too long, this is a problem all electricians face also. Make what ever adjustments, cuts or replacements to the screws you need for a proper installation. Make sure no wires are crushed between the fixture and the surface.
STEP 8. Install bulbs (take notice to the wattage limit, it should be labeled) and any glass as per the fixture instructions.

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Fluorescent fixtures for commercial business and office applications come in a huge variety of types sizes, lamp types, lamps colors and reflector lenses. Able Group Inc. electrical contractors of Havertown PA are your lighting experts.

Did You Know?

When fluorescent fixtures reach 20 years or so their plastic parts become brittle. This is due to heat from the lamps, ballast and even the room heat which rises at the top of the ceiling. This makes it difficult to service its components, (lamps, ballast, sockets). Service replacements require the flexibility of the cover. The covers sometimes crack and sometimes do not fit the metal frame properly when put back in place. These conditions also effect the lamp sockets at both ends of the tube. They crack easily when rotated and do not hold the fluorescent tubes in place to the electrical terminal.

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