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Frayed Cable near the electric meter?
The exterior electrical cable will fray apart when exposed to the sun and weather for a long period of time (25 plus years or so).

This condition is very common. The manufacturers have improved the outer cover of electrical cables in order to keep this situation from happening.
The cable and meter box must be replaced.

Although the meter belongs to the utility company, the box belongs to the property owner. The box may be OK but, the cable connection points inside may not be reliable after loosing and retightening the replacement cable. So the entire exterior electrical service must be replaced. Now how about conditions inside the property. Is the box inside as old as the outside? If this is the case the best economical decision is the replace it all.
This is known as an "electric service upgrade".

The cable fastened against the outside wall of the property is called the "service entrance cable" also known as the SEU cable drop. This cable runs from the utility power connection point to the meter socket, then, inside to the breaker panel. The only cables the power company owns runs from the pole to the service connection point. The utility will maintain their cable including the connectors connecting to the service entrance cable.  The issue regarding a frayed service cable is the responsibility of the property owner. The weather, sun, wind and water will commonly rot out the exterior cable along with the internal connectors of the meter socket.   This is a common item on home inspection reports. It is right up there with double tapped breakers and FPE panels.
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Is the electrical cable outside your property frayed?  Are you concerned about a frayed cable, or exposed wires from your electric service?  Although the outside electric meter belongs to the utility company, the cable and meter box belongs to the property owner.  Only a licensed electrical contractor can replace the service cable if it is needed.  An electrician may wrap it with plastic electrical tape in order to limit the fraying, but it's only a temporary solution.  Contact us with your questions regarding; 100amp service and 200 amp service, the electrical code and any questions about an electrical hazard.  Serving Delaware County, all of Chester County, the Main Line, Lower Merion, PA.

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Service Upgrade Package includes - Removal of all existing electrical service equipment, cables, fuse boxes, meter socket, etc. Furnish & Install a NEW Exterior Cable Drop (overhead type service), Meter Socket, Entrance cable, Circuit Breaker Panel, Circuit Breakers for all circuits and labeled accurately, Code Required Grounding, Final Connections, Clean-up and as always ALL TRASH TAKEN AWAY.