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Standby Back Up Electrical Power

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Economical Alternatives for Temporary Power for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties.

Back Up Power - Generators
Emergency Electrical Power Systems

We'll create an efficient plan to keep your essential power supply running with an economical system.  
Let us give you the alternatives for emergency electrical power during a power outage.
Economical Alternatives for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.
Option A.
   Non-Automatic Power Generator System  -  Portable Unit
Stow-away portable generators can be brought out when needed.
They can be plugged into your property with a cord/outlet and switch set up.

Option B.    Automatic Power Generator System  -  Permanent Unit
This permanent system will automatically start up and run in the event of a power outage.
This system will also require a permanent fuel supply installation such as natural gas.

Standby, back up, electrical power and temporary power installations by the expert electrical contractors for generator power - natural gas, gas powered and propane equipment.

Special Notes - These two options are meant to explain some of the costs in providing the minimum amount of electrical power needed during an outage (also known as "essential loads").  The power estimation for your property is based on essential loads such as; essential lighting and equipment, computers, furnace, refrigerator, etc.  Heavier power items such as air conditioners may drain the system and shut it down.

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Other Notes about Option A.  This is a portable system on wheels and will require a person who is familiar with a start up procedure (approx. 4 steps). This system will require less maintenance in the long run than Option B.
Other Notes about Option B. This system is a permanent installation and will require an exercise routine once a month to insure an automatic start up.  Exhaust and fuel installations must comply with local codes.

Amperage Chart     kW / KVA   80% Power Factor

kWkVA208V220V240V 440V480V
56.3 17.516.5 15.28.3 7.6
7.5 9.426.1 24.722.6 12.311.3
1012.5 34.733 30.116.6 15.1
15 18.752 49.545 24.922.5
2025 69.566 60.233.2 30.1
25 31.387 82.575.5 41.537.8
3037.5 10499 90.349.8 45.2
40 50139 132120 66.560
5062.5 173165 15283 76
60 75208 198181 99.691
7593.8 261247 226123 113
80 100278 264240 133120
100125 347330 301166 150
125 156433 413375 208188
150187 520495 450249 225
175 219608 577527 289264
200250 694660 601332 301
250 312866 825751 415376
300375 1040990 903498 451
350 4381220 11551053 581527
400500 13901320 1203665 602
500 6251735 16501504 830752
600750 20801980 1803996 902
700 8752430 23102104 11621052
8001000 27802640 24051330 1203
900 11253120 29702709 14951354
10001250 34703300 30091660 1504

The installation of an automatic standby generator will provide backup power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The system is totally automatic.   An Automatic Transfer Switch immediately senses when utility power has been interrupted, transferring responsibilities to the generator.  When the utility power is restored, the transfer switch automatically transfers back to utility power, shutting down and instantly resetting itself for the next power interruption with no action required by the property owner concerns.
More information here: South Jersey's Worker Network for Back-Up Power.

  Location,  it's appearance on your property.
  Noise,  get the facts on the noise level.
  Fuel Choice,  Generators run on:  natural gas, propane, diesel and gasoline.
  Exhaust,  proper venting away of exhaust fumes.
  Unit Size,   make a list of essentials.  This should be calculated by a professional.
Essentials are the electrical items the property owner deems necessary during an outage and should be based solely on what is absolutely vital.

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