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A heat pump is an air conditioner running backwards. The difference between a heat pump and a normal air conditioner is that a heat pump can be used to provide both heating and cooling. The heat pump uses the same basic refrigeration cycle to do this. In other words, a heat pump can change which coil is hot and which coil is cold. This is normally achieved by a reversing valve which is set up at the unit controls and thermostat.
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Ask us for more info regarding the heat-pump / air conditioner.  Your energy decisions will be based on unit sizes, locations and costs. Heat pumps are an energy efficient double benefit combined with air conditioning. In the heating mode the outdoor coil becomes the evaporator, while the indoor becomes the condenser which absorbs the heat from the refrigerant and dissipates to the air flowing through it. The air outside even at 0C has heat energy in it. With the refrigerant flowing in the opposite direction the evaporator (outdoor coil) is absorbing the heat from the air and moving it inside. Once it picks up heat it is compressed and then sent to the condenser (indoor coil). The indoor coil then rejects the heat into the air handler, which moves the heated air through out. In cooling mode the outdoor coil is now the condenser. This makes the indoor coil now the evaporator.
7,000 120 6.7 27 16 16 3/4
9,000 120 9.0 27 16 16 3/4
11,500 120 11.5 27 16 16 3/4
12,500 208-240 6.8 27 16 16 3/4
18,000 208-240 9.1 27 18 27
20,500 208-240 11.5 28 21 33
25,000 208-240 15 28 21 33
28,000 208-240 15.5 28 21 33
33,000 208-240 18 28 28 33
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 can earn tax credits for you on a new, energy efficient system. Heating and cooling performance is what the PC/PCH-Series is designed to deliver. This ceiling-suspended unit delivers enough cold or hot air to make any space more comfortable. Manually adjusted jumbo swing louvers direct the airflow left or right, covering the entire space quietly. Accessory filters are available to increase the time span between service calls. The PC/PCH-Series is perfect for restaurants, kitchens, and other large commercial spaces where ovens and other equipment add to an already taxed heating or cooling load.

energy efficient heating.

Sanyo was the first company in the climate control industry to develop a Ductless Split System Air Conditioner in 1961. They have since been joined by Mitsubishi, Samsung and Multi-Aqua. These systems are ideal in situations where zoned cooling is desired, or where running ductwork is not possible.  In a Sanyo Ductless Split System, the Freon condenser is mounted outdoors. The indoor units (evaporators) are mounted on a wall or the ceiling in each of the rooms to be cooled. They are connected to the condenser by small copper tubes which easily fit through most wall cavities.

Ambient air is free and widely available, and it is the most common heat source for heat pumps. Air-source heat pumps, however, achieve on average 10-30% lower seasonal performance factor (SPF) than water-source heat pumps. This is mainly due to the rapid fall in capacity and performance with decreasing outdoor temperature, the relatively high temperature difference in the evaporator and the energy needed for defrosting the evaporator and to operate the fans.
        In mild and humid climates, frost will accumulate on the evaporator surface in the temperature range 0-6C, leading to reduced capacity and performance of the heat pump system. Coil defrosting is achieved by reversing the heat pump cycle or by other, less energy-efficient means. Energy consumption increases and the overall coefficient of performance (COP) of the heat pump drops with increasing defrost frequency. Using demand defrost control rather than time control can significantly improve overall efficiencies.

 Suspended Ceiling Air Conditioning and Heating
1. AC only - 24,400 BTU
2. AC only - 31,200 BTU
3. AC only - 39,000 BTU
4. AC and Heat - 24,000 BTU
5. AC and Heat - 36,000 BTU
6. AC and Heat - 42,000 BTU
7. AC w/ Back Up Heater - 24,000 BTU
8. AC w/ Back Up Heater - 36,000 BTU
Exhaust (ventilation) air is a common heat source for heat pumps in residential and commercial buildings. The heat pump recovers heat from the ventilation air, and provides water and/or space heating. Continuous operation of the ventilation system is required during the heating season or throughout the year. Some units are also designed to utilize both exhaust air and ambient air. For large buildings exhaust air heat pumps are often used in combination with air-to-air heat recovery units.
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Take Note of these:
  Do not manually set back a heat pump's thermostat at night. Without a thermostat specifically designed for heat pump set-back, the electric resistance backup heat will engage when the thermostat is raised in the morning, resulting in much higher energy consumption. Continuous indoor fan operation can degrade heat pump performance unless a high-efficiency, variable-speed fan motor is used. Operate the system on the "auto" fan setting on the thermostat. Clean or change filters once a month or as needed, and maintain the system according to manufacturer's instructions. Filter and coil maintenance have a dramatic impact on system performance and service life. Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the system. Reduced airflow decreases system performance and can lead to compressor damage if it continues for an extended period. Clean and lubricate the fan motor annually to ensure the required airflow is provided for proper operation. The fan speed should be checked at the same time. Incorrect pulley settings, loose fan belts, or incorrect motor speeds can all contribute to poor performance. Outdoor units should be protected from high winds. High winds may reduce efficiency by causing defrost problems. However, outdoor units should not be placed in restricted areas that will result in recirculation of air over the coil.