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These photos show a Heat Tracing job in the process.

The self-regulating heater cables are fastened to the pipes using fiber-glass tape.

These photos also show the necessary type of insulation which is required after the heat tracing cables are installed.
We do our own insulation.  These photos show our insulation work in process.

These drainage pipe laterals which have just been heat traced have had a considerable freezing problem due to their location.

All water-carrying pipes in a specific area can be connected to a single circuit meaning copper water supply and iron drainage.
Both types of plumbing pipes will require the same type of pipe insulation.

The fire-sprinkler pipe work in this complex being a "dry system" does not pose a freezing problem and is not included in this scenario. 
The same applies to air conditioner condensation pipes.  These pipes are only used in summer months.

Notice how the heat tracing cables are installed using fiber-glass tape so as not to cross each other. They also run along the bottom and do not interfere with the pipe hangers or joint clamps.

These photos also show the 4" drainage pipe laterals from the the roof drains.
All rain water from the entire complex runs through the Parking Garage.

Heat Tracing cable type 5 watt per ft.
Self-Regulating. Voltage 240 / 208 Volts. 10 - 20Amp circuits with thermo-sensor units connected at various zones.
Circuit capability 458 FT. each. Fiberglass tape direct wrap with pipe and cable at every 12 inches for maximum contact. 1/2" to 1" of insulation on all pipes.
Caution Signs are required by code.  Approx. 30 will be required.

Heat Trace Systems by the team of Able Group .net.
The photos shown on this page are from a parking garage job we performed where multiple dwellings were built above it.  The properties had numerous problems with freezing in both sets of plumbing pipes.  All water supply and waste water drainage pipes had to be heat-traced to eliminate these problems.


These are Photos of a Heat Trace Job. Contact us. Let us solve your pipe freezing problems. We offer project design and cost breakdown.
Heat Tracing for Freeze-Free Pipes. Jersey Shore Workers for Heat Trace Installations.
SRM/E self-regulating heating cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for process temperature maintenance and freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications. Constructed of industrial grade 14 AWG buss wire with metal braid and optional overjacketing, SRM/E ensures operating integrity in most hostile industrial environments.

Self-Regulating, Energy Efficient 14 AWG Buss Wire Circuit Lengths to 780 Feet Process Temperature Maintenance to 302F (150C) Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature, 420F (215C)
Process Maintenance Applications. Constant wattage heating cable is a proven, reliable solution for industrial process temperature maintenance and freeze protection.
CWM features a parallel heating core that produces uniform thermal output over its entire length.

Industrial Freeze Protection Applications. Freeze Protection of Fire Protection System Piping. Use on Metallic Pipes Only. Using a single power point, you can easily configure and install a heat tracing system as short as several feet or as long as 780 feet right in the field. CWM is flexible at most ambient temperatures and can be wrapped around piping and complex fittings. It is rugged, easy to monitor and maintain temperature, and has zero inrush at start-up. With 392F (200C) fluoropolymer electrical insulation overjacketing.
CWM has outstanding electrical and thermal properties, and is well suited for most chemically hostile environments.

Self Regulating heater cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications, and is approved for use in hazardous locations. Constructed of industrial grade 14 and 16 AWG buss wire with a tinned copper braid and fluoropolymer overjacket. This cable has a maximum maintenance temperature rating of 150F (65C) and 302F (150C) and a maximum exposure temperature of 185F.   Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection Application Impedance heating is perfectly suited for pipe maintenance temperatures. Applications include processes that require continuous, steady heat input or freeze protection for a fire water pumping system. Another common application is for corrosive environments where direct immersion heating is not desired. Provide indirect heating to long runs of pipe (up to 15 miles). May be used above or below the ground. Skin Effect Heating is used specifically for providing indirect heat to longer runs of piping from a single electrical supply source. Skin Effect is used in markets such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, or any similar industrial market that requires heated pipelines on long runs. A Skin Effect System is an easy-to-use arrangement made up of the heating tube, skin-effect cable, junction boxes, transformer, and control panel.

Our selection of pipe freeze protection includes solutions for every commercial heating application. We offer the power densities you require at the voltages you use to maintain the heat levels you require. We build cables that keep water flowing at ambient temperatures as low as ‑40C/‑40F, and cables that withstand temperatures up to 593C/1100F. We supply cables and controls suitable for damp, corrosive and hazardous locations. EGS Electrical Group offers cables in extended, continuous lengths. We provide software and expertise to make selecting the right pipe freeze protection solution easy. HB2 Heating Cables Heating Cables, Refrigeration, condensation and air conditioning lines that are subject to freezing, HB2 Heating Cables, Refrigeration, condensation and air conditioning lines that are subject to freezing EasyHeat HSR Heating Cables, Maintaining the temperature and viscosity of piped liquids in high-temperature commercial applications. EasyHeat MI Trace Heating Cables, commercial and Industrial applications where the liquids piped during processing require constant temperatures, commercial roof and gutters challenged with ice-damming and dangerous icicles EasyHeat Pipe Freeze Kits and provide heat shrink tubing, materials to perform moisture proof end seal, splicing as well as clips, spacers and hangers. Commercial and residential roof and gutters prone to ice damming and dangerous icicles, downspouts that freeze and clog Electric Trace Heating Cables  Commercial metal or plastic water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing, Commercial roofs and gutters prone to ice-damming and dangerous icicle, downspouts that freeze and clog EasyHeat TSR Heating Cables, Industrial or hazardous locations where water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing, Commercial roofs and gutters prone to ice-damming and dangerous icicles. CLT Series Heating Cables, Freeze protection for water supply, drainage, fire protection, dust suppression, sprinkler and piping systems, both metallic and nonmetallic,  Freeze protection for metallic pipes that are periodically steam cleaned, Maintaining the temperature and viscosity of piped liquids. Temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels, Fire protection and dust suppression systems, Condensate return systems, Fuel oil lines and lubrication systems. Nelson Heat Trace MI Series Heating Cables, Applications where the liquids piped during processing require elevated maintain temperatures, Snow melting of paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, loading ramps.  Maintaining the temperature and viscosity of piped liquids in pipes, process water, condensate return and structure de-icing.

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