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Exterior Lighting

Operational lighting contactors can be used for timer controls on exterior lighting, motion sensors, dimmers and master switch. The magnetic coil installed on various lights and remote control lighting,

Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensors are layered with LS-301 Dimming Photo sensors to control two-lamp direct/indirect fixtures with Advance Mark VII ballasts in an open office area. The space has windows on three sides of the building and is split into north, south and west control zones because each side of the building receives significantly different amounts of daylight

  Remote Relay,
Building automation systems (BAS) provide automatic control of electrical loads, such as HVAC, lighting and electric motors, and functions not related to energy management, such as security and fire safety systems. Energy management systems (EMS) provide automatic control of electrical loads to manage energy consumption either as a stand-alone system.
      While EMS may be capable of provide automatic switching of large blocks of lighting loads, only a fraction of installed EMS actually control lighting, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (2003). EMS that control HVAC are installed in about 5.6% of commercial buildings representing 24% of commercial floor space—most commonly >100,000  sq.ft. office and education buildings—while EMS that control lighting are installed in 1.3% of buildings covering 7.4% of
floor space.

Make, break,
lighting operation for every purpose.

Definite Purpose

Control requirements
Reliable controls that are easy to program. An early adopter of scheduled control, in addition to lighting, the relays power water-source heat pumps and other electrical devices, so careful scheduling is truly central to conservation efforts.  Using Watt Stopper/Legrand’s WinControl software in conjunction with a Lighting Integrator WebLink that allows IP control of all the panels, engineers can easily create and modify schedules for equipment and lighting in individual spaces including common areas, classrooms, labs and offices. To maximize energy savings, most of the lighting is programmed for manual-on, using previously installed low voltage switches, and scheduled-off. Certain overrides are available, but engineers now prefer to adjust the control schedule as needed.

Lighting control applications
A Lighting Integrator Panel and Dataline Switches were specified to control a variety of fluorescent, LED and low voltage lighting in the reception area, the kitchen and a conference room. The system is set up for manual-on control with scheduled off times preceded by a warning sweep
Repairs and replacements of under cabinet lights, front  lawn post lights and area flood lights such as high pressure sodium and medal halide.
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