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LED Community and Security Lighting Philadelphia
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Lighting Bollards, Walkway Lighting for Philadelphia and Suburbs.
Walkway Lighting Bollards, Community Security Lighting.
Wide variety of Path Lights - all sizes, lengths, colors, round and square.

Bollard lights for outdoor walkway lighting are encased in a sturdy vertical post at ground level. Cylindrical, square or any basically vertical shape that is used to house mid-level lamps.
Commonly used as landscape lights to mark the course of a path or walkway and to designate the borders of any public area such as an outdoor seating area.

Economical Lighting Services for Shopping Centers all around Philadelphia and Suburbs.
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Commercial Property Area Lighting and Alternatives. These versatile outdoor fixtures have many design uses.
Lighting Bollards are normally installed as guides to a pedestrian path. Architecturally, they are also used to serve as visual and physical barriers for institutional, civic and corporate environments, protecting monuments and private access ways in an aesthetic and architectural manner.
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New design or match the others. Bollard Poles and Path Fixtures - sizes, lengths, shapes, wattages and colors. We'll show you the wide variety brochures, and, We'll get'em quick.
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with Reinforced Concrete, horizontal & vertical.
Lighting bollards require a specific foot print in each case.
These Pole Fixtures are supported by a reinforced concrete foundation, with embedded anchor bolts.  The Fixture Heads are available in H.P.S. (amber color light) or M.H. (white light) and are available in 150, 250 & 400 watts.  This typical foundation shown on the right is an industry standard for any type of lighting fixtures. Call us for a new lighting design. We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Our years of experience in providing good common sense planning and installations makes us the one to choose.
A unique design sets the mood for the property.
Smart Solar 3424WRM6 Sentinella Motion Activated Bollard Lights The Sentinella PIR Bollard Light set includes 6 lights with a remote solar panel. Unlike other sensor lights, there are two Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors built into the unit $108.00 Kichler Lighting 15392OZ - Zen Garden Bollard Path Light. This path light brings an Asian inspired feel to a column style path light. The Kichler 15392OZ Zen Garden Bollard Path Light - $172.00 Kichler Lighting 15667MST - Accessory - 36" Bollard Kit Bollard Mounting Kit - 36IN. Bollard kit is supplied with cast aluminum internal mounting plate including lag bolts. Intermatic CL635R HD Metal Bollard Light - Die Cast Black Metal - Bollard Style Light - Provides An Intriguing Lighting Effect As Light Is Reflected Off An Internal - Inverted Cone To Illuminate Walks & Steps - Works. Kichler 15348VGB - Ainsley - Bollard Path and Spread Light - Path lights can accent steps, walkways, low shrubbery, flowerbeds and more!

 In addition to creating interest to your landscape with lighting, the Kichler 15348VGB 12 Volt. MOONRAYS 95836 Low Voltage Bollard Light 10 Watt. Landscape low volt lights halogen bollard metal mix and match 10 watt finish = black Die cast aluminum with clear glass lens. Mix match with other low voltage lights. Kichler Lighting 15226BKT - One Light HID Bollard Lamp, Landscape Lighting, Black - Outdoor Lighting - Path Lights Dome Roof HID Path Light Fixture Head Molded Ribbed Diffuser of Clear Heat Resistant Borosilicate Lenses - $221.00. Hanover Lantern 6386WBZ Terra Claremont Bollard Light - Handcrafted in Pennsylvania. - Professional installation recommended. - Height is above ground. - Cast aluminum construction. - Pipes and mounting accessories sold separately. Zaneen Lighting D8-3088 Bollard Wall Sconce, Width / Diameter: 8.25" - Height: 8.625" - Depth / Extension: 5.5" - Lamp: 1-100w bulb's) Focus Industries PL-07 Mini Path Bollard Light - High-impact white acrylic lens. Highly polished Specular aluminum reflector. Wiring: Black 3 foot 18/2 zip cord from base of fixture (12 volt only). Malibu Black Gloss Finish Tulip Style 10 Watt Low Voltage Bollard. The sleek bollard design adds low-profile. Zaneen Lighting D8-3087 Bollard Wall Sconce- Kichler Lighting 15666BKT - Accessory - 24" Bollard Kit Focus Industries AL-08 Mini-Bollard Area Bollard Light. This low voltage 12volt, 180 degree Composite Lighting fixture is designed to light up your landscape area lighting. FA-24-Brass canopy is optional. Paradise GL22601BK Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 20-Watt Halogen. This landscape aluminum bollard light of the highest professional quality. This box includes 1 aluminum bollard light, 11W halogen MR11 bulb. Solar Powered Bollard Landscape Light This solar powered landscape accent light features 12 super bright LEDs that can be set. The bright LED lights shine for up to 11 hours on a full charge. Lighting Universe - Ark Lighting ABOL-100MH-BK Bollards Bollard Light Finish: Black, Glass: Drop Lens, Light Bulb:(1)100w ED17 Med MH These drop lensed bollards have multiple applications such as pathways, parking lots and plazas.

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