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Facility Services for Your Special Needs - Able Group Inc.
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Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Repairs by Able Group Inc.
Contact us for any type of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Repairwork.
- Every type of Electrical Equipment, Such as: Electrical Panel Boxes, Electric Heaters, Electric Metering Equipment,
- Electrical & Moving Parts, Specialized Equipment, Industrial Services by Able Group Inc, Havertown, Philadelphia
- Pipe Insulation Installers, installations for pipe insulation by Able Group Inc.
Facility Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.
We are the Property trades with the latest technology for any facility. Rental properties, real estate energy, office buildings, rental facilities, parking lot facilities, commercial, industrial, institutional with high tech, customized fabrications.
Motor Driven Equipment.
Large Frame Circuit Breakers

Custom made equipment parts ...... at the                                   
Able Group Fix-it Shop.

Yes we can,
at our
 "Fix-it Shop".

recondition it, re-create it, vandal proof it, safety proof it, re-invent it, convert it,
improve it, recycle it,  repair it, or rebuild it.

For your; Home, Business, Office, Industry, Institution, Retail Store or Public Facility -
Let us have a look at it.

Large and Small
Equipment Reconditioning

Able to
Fix it,
for a better, energy minded and more efficient building.
We'll pick it up....
or you can bring it to us. 

Repair work for any item:

Able to Fix it. Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.

Bus bar Fabrication Work - 3Phase - 2Phase Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Custom Electrical Equipment - built to your specifications or ours,

Damage Mending - Welding, fabricating, improving your equipment.

Fabrication Services for electrical and mechanical equipment, Philadelphia and Tri-State Areas.

Reconditioning Services for lighting, electrical and mechanical equipment.

Vandalism Prevention Light Poles, Lighting Contactors, Mechanical, Motor Starters, Motors, Oven Stack Chimney, Overhead Door Equipment,

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Repairs by Able Group Inc.