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U is the diameter of the shaft. NW is the length of the shaft. D is the distance from the vertical base on which the motor sits to the center of the shaft. E is the horizontal distance from a mounting hole to the center of the shaft. F is half the distance between mounting holes. BA is the horizontal distance between mounting hole nearest the shaft end and the end of motor.

Inside an Electric Motor An el­ectric motor is all about magnets and magnetism: A motor uses magnets to create motion. If you have ever played with magnets you know about the fundamental law of all magnets: Opposites attract and likes repel. So if you have two bar magnets with their ends marked "north" and "south," then the north end of one magnet will attract the south end of the other. On the other hand, the north end of one magnet will repel the north end of the other (and similarly, south will repel south). Inside an electric motor, these attracting and repelling forces create rotational motion.

Electric Motors.

All dimensions in inches.
Size D 2E 2F BA Mounting NW U
48 2 5/8 11/32 slot ½
56 4 7/8 3 11/32 slot 1 7/8 ½

Frame Sizes  The National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) establishes standard dimensions for electric motors.  The rating plate of a motor will give a "frame size," consisting of a number which may be followed by a letter. In purchasing a replacement motor, it is only necessary to get the same frame size to be sure of a physical fit (horsepower, voltage, type of enclosure, bearings, etc. are another matter). In the home, the most commonly encountered frame sizes are 48 and 56.

A motor driving a load is an energy balancing act. On one side is the mechanical demand of the turning load. On the other is waste heat the motor generates turning that load. A small-sized motor that can't dissipate waste heat fast enough rapidly burns out. Motors sized too large stay cool but waste energy and money in inefficient operation. Selecting the optimal size is as easy as following a few guidelines.

Loads fall into three categories. Those that need constant torque, those where torque changes gradually, and those where torque changes abruptly.

Motors are rated by the output power they can produce over a given time period without overheating. These ratings are on the motor nameplate. Manufacturers build motors with different duty cycles to match the three load categories. Duty cycle is the ratio of time the motor produces rated power divided by the total elapsed time. Motors with less than 100% duty cycle must turn off for an amount of time specified by the duty cycle to cool-down after operating. A motor with a 50% duty cycle must stay off for the same amount of time it has been on. Motors with less than 100% duty cycle also have a maximum run-time limit such as 30 min. A 50% duty cycle motor with a 30 min run time means the motor can operate at its rated output for 30 min. Then it must stay off at least 30 min — for 60 min total time — before running again.

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