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Able Group Inc. has been performing every type of business office installations and services. Including: network installations, cabling system design, cable modem implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting, to meet the growing needs of every customer. "Information First" is what makes us better.

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Count on us to do it all: power outlets, office lighting, office decor, LAN wiring, Network Design and Installation, fiber optic network, telephone systems, 2X4 ceiling grid, HVAC, custom built-in equipment.
CAT 5, 5E, 6, and Fiber Optic.
Project Management & Consultation
Data Center Build-Outs, DSL lines.
Data Line Certification
Relay Rack & Server Cabinet Installations
Cable Trays, Ladder Racks
Cable Management Systems
Raised Floor Systems.
Security Cameras.

Smart Boards for Teaching aids.
The telephone / fax systems and computer networks we install are designed and built with latest technologies.  The price and performance for the long run is optimized. We install the patch panel and we can program IP phones. From very demanding applications, such as multimedia or B2B interactivity systems, to small projects, we pay attention to the present and future customer requirements, and we recommend several networking solutions to choose from. Our voice, video and data network infrastructures meet current specifications and standards for copper and fiber optic cable installations.
 A to Z. office fit up and plenty of e-information for office improvements.  We relocate desks and furniture and make every improvement possible. We handle the office shelves and built-in wall units for audio visual technology.  Looking at most of our web pages will explain we are "an everything around the Philly area" company.  First of all we have no cost e-support services and you can count on action information by email for your questions.  We construct deck cubicles to your choice of lay out.  It’s what we do!  No cost info by Able Group Inc. Havertown, PA  Another very informative service is our contractor network - a very informative support team of experts.  All Around Philly, answering your questions in the Delaware Valley, we’re the Internet Informationeers for the Philly area.  Around the City of Philadelphia and its surrounding neighborhoods, we’ve made our mark as the “Internet Informationeers”.  Benefiting You in many ways!  Info Around Philly is sponsored by local businesses for better information and it's here! is building a better on-line resource, and answering every question.  Common sense answers for any question.  The All Around Philadelphia Action Information Group will serve you at no cost.  Community Internet Resources for the Delaware Valley.  The All Around Philly Contractors Solutions Network will answer your questions at no cost.  Delaware Valley ’s Info Around Philly. Delivering information about everything around us.  The Action Information Associates serving Philly and Burbs – quickly responding to You.

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Internet Connectivity Experts.
Network Design & Installation, Gigabit Ethernet over fiber optic / copper,  Token Ring,  Fiber Optic Network Installations, Single Mode, Multimode, Simplex, Duplex. Copper Networking, UTP, STP, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 and Gigabit Ethernet Networking
Voice / Telephone Cabling, Fax, Modem Cabling, Voice Mail, Audio Conferencing
Network Hardware, LAN Equipment, Routers, Hubs, Repeaters, Concentrators, MAUs, DSU/CSUs
Specialty Cabling Installations. Custom Cable Manufacturing, Molded and Assembled, Copper, Fiber optic,   MT-RJ, SCSI, Fiber Channel
Bulk Cable & Connectivity Hardware and Accessories. OEM Cable Equivalents, Cisco, HP, IBM, Bay/Nortel, Ascend, Kentrox

Delaware County, Main Line, Lower Merion, PA

Office Communication Improvements with new Data and Local Area Network Wiring.

The Ethernet Specialist - Philadelphia.

Floor Receptacles for Mid-Floor Wiring Requirements.

LAN Wiring - Local Area Network and Tele-communication. New wiring, new design or quick service.

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