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We work along with the paving crew, install the low voltage wiring and the inserts for brilliant lights.
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Lighting for Your Patio Paver Blocks: strikingly beautiful, useful and low energy!
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The exterior design of your property may be a once in a life time job.  It must begin with plenty of information combined with a list of your priorities.

Gardens at Night!

Lighting for Patios, Decks, Pools and Gazebos.
There are a hundred of very affordable ideas, and we can give you more than you expected.
The Lighted Driveway

Ground Preparation: shoveling out the top layer of grass and loading it on a dump truck, re-leveling the soil and compacting the soil base. Stone Bed Foundation, receiving a truck load of crushed stone with modified aggregate, spreading it evenly and compacting the stone base by machine. Patio Blocks Set: Border Supports installed, Foundation Fabric installed, Patio Blocks installed as per factory specs.
Lighting fixtures for retaining walls are very inexpensive and provide illumination at each step. A wide variety of shape and styles are listed in our brochure. Snap Edge 14 Pk. Paver Light Kit, KPAV04-14-088K Easy to install low voltage paver brick light kits for homeowner or contractor. Size of light is 7-7/8 x 3-15/16. Kit includes: 14 paver lights - $200.00. Kerr Lighting Millennium Paver Light 6" x 6". Kerr Lighting Residential Paver Lights 4" x 8" for Walk, Patio. 12 Volt Residential 4" x 8" Paver Lights These 4 x 8 inch Paver lights are designed for easy installation as a replacement for any standard 4 x 8 inch brick. Millennium Paver Lights - 6" x 6" actual size (5 7/8" x 5 7/8") 12 volt outdoor. Paver Lights are a completely safe system - $239.00. Paver Lights 8 pack - ISL-08T old and new interlock pavers on the driveway, walkway, pool, or patio. The "Paver Light" introduced in 1994. $35.99. Snap Edge 2 Pk. Paver Light Add-On Set, KPAV04-02 Easy to install low voltage paver brick light kits for homeowner or contractor. Unique structural design can withstand walkway / patio impacts and support. $184.25. 6 x 9 "New Age" Paver Light, 10-Pack 6 x 9 "New Age" Paver Light Actual size of the light is 6 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 2 3/8". 6 x 9 "Cobblestone" Shape. TJB-INC.com 200 Watt 24 VDC Transformer for LED Paver Lights 200 watt, 24 VDC To be used with our paver light fixtures only.
A Patio Block project has three stages. We can also help the "do-it-yourselfer". We could provide any the portion of the job. The Patio Blocks can be installed in stages. You could plan and change patterns as you go and when you can afford it). A project could remain as “stones only” with stages 1. and 2. (mentioned above).  The amount of time will depend on a variety of conditions.
Patio Blocks is the best choice for any outdoor living area.  With the proper foundation, it will last longer, stay cleaner and rain water seeps through it. This is the reason for its popularity in recent years.

Lighting it - makes it real useful after dark.

The promise of The Able Group is to give you “more for the money”. 
We should meet to discuss your priorities.  I can create more alternatives.

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Lighting Bollards - Bollard lights for outdoor walkway lighting are encased in a sturdy vertical post at ground level.

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