Price List for Electrical Installations by Able Group Inc.
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Price list for most electrical wiring costs and job estimating. Prices for electrical contractor services in Delaware County PA and The Main Line.
Electrical Installations Price List by Able Group Inc.
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Electrical Installations Price Menu.   This is a Pricing Guide we use in order to estimate the cost of electrical installations for property improvements and renovations.
Small Electrical Jobs - Quick Estimating Rule - $175.00 Per Point, Plus Travel.
1. Initial Service / Work Set Up / Travel $ 75.00
2. Switches - (single pole, standard toggle) Each Switch Added $ 75.00
3. Switches - (3-way or 4-way, standard toggle) Each $ 85.00
4. Switches Converted - from "single operation" to "3-way system" Each $ 105.00
5. Switches Replaced - replacement of an existing switch (3-way or decora add $5) Each $22.00
6. Switch Bank Expansion - (existing switch or switches converted to multi-gang) $55.00 ea.
7. Receptacles, standard Each $ 75.00
8. Receptacles, G.F.I.- (exterior receptacles add $25.00) Each $ 95.00
9. Receptacles, Quad - with standard devices Each $ 100.00
10. Receptacles DEDICATED CIRCUIT - 20 amp (with standard devices) Each $ 110.00
11. Receptacles Replaced - replacement of an existing standard receptacle Each $22.00
12. Receptacles Replaced - replacement of an existing receptacle to a G.F.I. receptacle Each $48.00
13. Special Cuts Made - for switches/receptacles in cabinet, paneling, tile, etc. (approx.) Each $65.00
14. Switch & Receptacle Wall Plates - (single gang, maxi, medal, ivory, or white) Each $4.50
15. RELOCATIONS relocation of a switch, light, telephone, cable outlet, etc. (approx.) Each $ 85.00
16. REQUIRED WIRING SPLICES accessible junction box(15 or 20 amp) Each $ 75.00
17. Lighting Fixture Outlet - (rough-in only & with wiring access) Each $ 75.00
18. Lighting Fixture Installation - (surface type no assembly required) Each $ 60.00
19. Lighting Fixture Installation - (with .5 hrs of assembly required) Each $ 70.00
20. Power Supply Circuits, Appliance Circuits; ( 15A & 20A ) Each $105.00
21. Appliances - connections only ea $35.00, new wiring add $2 per ft.
(15A & 20A)
22. Power Supply Circuits, Heavy Circuits -( 30A & 50A ) Each $210.00
23. Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed to an existing outlet Each $ 90.00
24. Ceiling Fan Installation - with existing outlet box replaced for proper support, Each $135.00
25. Ceiling Fan Installation - assembled and installed with new wiring and box outlet, Each $205.00
26. Ceiling Fan Accessories -extension rod, light fixture, wall control, etc. Additional $ 26.00
27. Recessed Fixtures - (standard size 6", open ceiling, trim and lamp not included) Each $128.00
28. Recessed Fixtures - (non-standard size - open ceiling, trim and lamp not included) Each $155.00
29. Under Cabinet Fixtures -(slimline fluorescents 12", 18" or 24") Each $128.00
30. 4FT Fluorescent Fixtures - (with Wrap-Around covers) $135.00
31. 2X4 Fluorescent Fixture -includes fixture, lamps & wiring (2x2 add $20.00) Each $ 108.00
32. 2X4 Fluorescent Fixture -parabolic with electronic ballast (2x2 add $25.00) Each $160.00
33. 2X4 Fluorescent Fixture - relocated & reconnected to the same circuit Each $50.00
34. Exit Sign - L.E.D. with battery back up (with wiring access) Each $158.00
35. Emergency Lighting Unit - 12 volt, wattage power for up to 5 remote heads Each $185.00
36. Emergency Lighting Remote Heads - powered from emergency lighting unit Each $ 85.00
37. Restroom Vent Fan - 80 CFM (ductwork not included) Each $145.00
38. Telephone Outlet - Cat-5 (no Jack Included) Each $ 85.00
39. Cable Outlet (No Splitters or Jacks Included) Each $ 105.00
40. Circuit Breakers - added to existing panel, interchangeable type. Each $ 28.00
41. Circuit Breakers - Arc Fault added to existing panel. Each $ 108.00
42. Power Pole - includes pole, 1-120 volt circuit and installation Each $220.00
43. Electrical Demolition - includes all work in dealing with the existing wiring Per Hour $75.00
44. SUB- 12 circuit panel with 60amp sub-feeder Each $680.00
45. New Service Upgrade SEE OUR WEB PAGE
46. Special Electrical Installations not listed above PER HOUR (see Special Notes below) $75.00
47. Permit & Inspection Fees approx. (License Fee Not Included) $175.00
48. Smoke Detectors - 120V. interconnected with battery back-up Each $205.00
49. Electrical Trouble-Shooting, Circuit Diagnostics - $85.00 per hour.

Special Notes for this list All of the above prices are for Romex wiring. Add approx. 30% for MC wiring and 40% for EMT conduit installations & wiring. SPECIAL CONDITIONS - additional charges apply for: Projects having less than five of the above items. Existing service panel over 70 feet away from the project. No Wiring Access (wiring not possible without patchwork).

Note: Add $12.00 for Switches for 277V. Circuits ----Lines 2 thru 6 above

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This price list may be used for any purpose.  The above cost electrical wiring help property owners to know more about the costs of hiring an electrician. Contact us regarding our free job estimating services.  We can provide line item pricing and individual prices with alternatives. 

When hiring an electrical contractor - call us for a second opinion.  We provide quality electrical service to properties surrounding the Philadelphia and tri-state areas only.  We are located in Delaware County and the Main Line of Lower Merion, Philadelphia, PA, Philly.

Price List for Electrical Installations by Able Group Inc. giving you costs, ideas, options and alternatives by email.

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