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Restaurant LED Lighting, Signs,
We do it all - Equipment, Neon, Flat Screen TVs.
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Lighted, Signs, Equipment, Neon, Flat Screen TVs for Restaurants.
Contractor Services: Cafe, Restaurant, Diner, Bar, Tavern in the Philadelphia area.
Know-How Trades and Better Costs ... A. to Z. Services for the Dining Out Facility.
Quick and Reliable Services for Restaurants including: Electrical, Mechanical, Parking Lot Lighting, Flat Screen TVs, Equipment Services, New Fit Outs or Make-Overs.

Cafe, Restaurant, Diner, Bar, Tavern, Bistro

From Start to Finish we are able to serve you better.
Food and Eatery Fit-outs for Refrigeration Equipment, Walk-in Boxes, Pizza Ovens, Pizza Mixers, Food Warmers, Exotic Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting Services, Services for Signs, Fire Alarms, Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting, Kitchen Equipment.

Custom Neon, Commercial Signage and neon lights.

Property Trade Contractors for -  
Equipment Upgrades.
Handicap ADA Compliant Restrooms.
Handicap Ramps and Restaurant Access.
Exhaust Ventilators.
Ceilings, Fans, Decor Beams
Fire Alarms, Fire Systems.
Totally Awesome Lighting.
Construction Renovations Electrical Mechanical Upgrades Food and Refrigeration Equipment Code Compliant Signage.
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Contractor Trade Services for Cafe, Restaurant, Diner, Bar, Tavern or Food Court - Philadelphia, PA:

Sports Bar Flat Screens
Better for Restaurants and Sports Bars because we are Quick and Economical. We are Contractors that know about managing a public facility and the necessity to keep businesses going. Property trades with technology for energy, buildings, rental facilities, parking lot, commercial, industrial, institutional, renovations, high tech, commercial space fit up, energy efficient facility and customized fabrications. Providing service and supplies to the Food Service Industry. We have been servicing restaurants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with Custom Hood Systems, Exhaust Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Kitchen Design, and all Major Brands of Restaurant Equipment. Quality workmanship and personalized service to better meet the needs of individual restaurant owners. Our fabrication shop is a NSF Certified Facility, using top-quality 304 stainless steel, to manufacture our Custom Hoods, Exhaust Systems, Tables, Counter-tops, Cabinets, Equipment Stands, Overhead, Wall Shelving, Stainless Steel Work Tables, Counters, and Cabinets. Blue Air Restaurant Equipment and offer major brands of equipment.

Totally Awesome Lighting for Your Cafe, Restaurant, Diner, Bar, Tavern or Eatery.
The LightSmith, for Economical and Unique Ideas in Setting The mood you want.

We can handle any job on any budget. These are just a few item from our contractor network team: Handicap Ramps ADA Compliance - Philadelphia. A/C thru-wall Units, Alarm Panels and Security Systems, Sports Bar Flat Screens and TV Installations. Communication - Data - LAN. Food Processing Equipment, Emergency Lighting, Ethernet, Facility Cameras, Fire Protection Systems, Gas and Propane Ovens, Refrigeration Services and Upgrades. Sandwich Prep Tables, Reach-In Refrigerators, Reach-In Freezers Ice Machines, Cooking Equipment, Commercial Ranges, Fryers (Gas & Electric), Slicers and Mixers and Grinders. Pizza Equipment, Restaurant Cookware and Cutlery, Bus Boxes and Trays, Chafers, Bakery Supplies, Bar Supplies Catering Supplies, Pizza Supplies, Janitorial, Steam Table Pans, Food Pans, Food Containers and Shelving.
Utility poles, aerial cables
3Phase - 2Phase
4160 Volts, Primary Electrical
Aerial Electrical Cables
Auditorium Equipment Systems
Control Panels
Essential Electrical Power
Electric Auto Smart Charger
Fuel Station Services.
Phase Converter
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Two Phase Electrical Service
Underground Electrical Power
Utility Poles