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Auditorium Sound Systems
The choices for design of music and voice sound systems for cafeterias, auditoriums and small churches. Key principles are sound characteristics and equipment characteristics. Sample designs should be made along with warnings of common design errors and installation errors. The reference list shows sources for advanced theoretical analysis and the origin of specialized sound terms. There two main approaches to acoustics in churches.
One approach is call "sound system acoustics." That is when the acoustical fix is designed to get more performance from a sound system. While the sound system does perform better, often the worship experience is reduced somewhat.
The second approach is called "church acoustics." That is when the acoustical fix is to make the room perform well for;
Congregational singing, the praise and worship team.
Cutting the stage noise down.
Improving the sound of the choir.
Assisting the ministers to hear themselves better.
Hearing speech without a sound system to a larger area of the room without the sound system (up to 80 ft in most rooms).
People with hearing aids to hear further without assistance. If you can hearing well at 10 ft normal conversation in a quiet room, the church acoustics should be just as good. (depending on the type of hearing loss you may have.).
Any acoustical performances such as the piano, the pipe organ or digital organ, guitars and orchestra instruments.
Improving the bass response for all musical instruments and amplified bass.
Sub woofers.
Drum kits (reducing or eliminating the need for drum shields.).
Tremendous gain before feedback.
Less distortion from the sound system.
The big question is, which acoustical fix will cost less?
The two approaches to church acoustics cost the same. If your sound system company is recommending an acoustical fix for your church to improve the sound system and they are not offering to fix any or most these problems at the same time, then you should get someone who can.

A good sound system improves the quality of all forms of public activity and in some cases provides a life safety service. Most existing sound systems work satisfactorily, some work well and many work so poorly that intelligibility is better with the system turned off. With current advances in electronics and speaker design, the limiting factor for sound systems is design and room acoustics. This course explains the principles of sound system operation and principles of design for cafeterias, auditoriums and small churches. Design for large commercial installations requires the consultation of a trained acoustician and are not addressed by this course. Sound systems are not presently considered life safety systems and are not regulated by the government beyond NFPA 70, National Electric Code, wiring limits. (Note that regulated life safety systems, such as fire alarm, must not be combined with sound systems unless the entire system meets the Fire Alarm Code.) Design of sound systems is done by sound system component sellers, installing contractors, system vendors, and Professional Engineers. This course includes an acceptance guide, since the system does not require governmental permitting or approval.

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In any sound system, ultimate quality depends on the speakers.
The best recording, encoded on the most advanced storage device and played by a top-of-the-line deck and amplifier, will sound awful if the system is hooked up to poor speakers.
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