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Parking Lot Lighting Services.  High Reach Lighting Repairs.
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Bucket truck lighting services. LED lighting conversions, lamp and driver replacements.
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Services for leaning, swaying or damaged light poles.

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Bucket Truck Services Quick response for lighting repairs and vehicular damages.

LED Lights: Light fixture conversions from HID to LED. Adapter fittings for every parking lot lighting pole.

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WE SERVICE: Street signs, pylon signs, wall mounted signs, back-lit and lighted lawn signs.

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There are various types of lighting poles for parking lot lighting and wide area illumination.   These Pole Fixtures are supported by a 24" diameter, reinforced concrete foundation (55" deep), with 24" long X 3/4" diameter embedded anchor bolts.  The Fixture Heads are available in LED at 80, 150, 250 & 400 watts. This typical foundation is an industry standard for a 20 ft. pole. Call us for a new parking lot lighting design. We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Bucket Services for Atlantic City NJ., Ocean City NJ., Philly, Philadelphia, PA, NJ and in Delaware.

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The installation of equipment to achieve the desirable result on sports fields is really no different than any other installation. Once poles are installed plumb and in the locations shown in the design documents, luminaries are placed on the cross arms or cages as indicated in the aiming diagram. When installed, it is not recommended that luminaries be "pre-aimed" in any way. The only way to ensure correct performance is to ensure that all luminaries are aimed at the points shown in the aiming diagram we make for you.

Parking Area - Light Pole Fixture Service. Maintenance, Re-Lamp, Re-Ballast. Pole Damage Repair / Replace. A. to Z. Services. Loading Dock lights, Loading Dock Controls and Conveyor. Gate House Utility Shelter; Communication, Controls or Cameras. Underground Power Service. Bollard Poles. Exterior Area Lighting.

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