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Pole Lighting Service - Parking Lot Area Lighting. Price List for Services.
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1. Travel, Lift & Test: add $245.00 one time charge for initial high reach service.   Urgent Service - add $85.00.
2. Service per Fixture:   add  $50.00 at each location.
3. Component Replacements, LABOR per Fixture: add Lamp $8., Lamp Shell $20., Ballast $61., Photo Cell $24.
4. Component Replacements, OUR STOCK:   add cost plus 20% for Lamps, Lamp Sockets, Ballasts, Photo Cells, Other.
5. LED Conversions - Based on wattage. Component Replacements, OUR STOCK:   add cost plus 20% for Lamp/Driver(s).
6. Circuit diagnostics, Wiring repairs, water-entrance problems, trouble shooting:   add $100.00 per hour.
7. Commercial Signage Services:   add $455.00 minimum to open or service any lighted sign.
8. Auto damages / Hazardous Conditions:   Emergency Service $450.00  for removal, safety and clean-up services.
9. NOTES:   A. Distance / Miles; added travel costs may apply.    10. Minimum Service $485.00.   C. 175 & 1000 watt fixtures +15%.
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  Pole Damage Repair and/or Replace.
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  Gate House Systems, Repairs, New Installations.
  Signs Caution Signals, Automatic Lift Gates, Treadles.
  New Parking Lot Poles & Exterior Area Lighting.
  LED - the latest in High Tech, trouble free and low energy.
Swaying Poles and Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.

NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICE LIST:  We can estimate the cost via email but cannot quote an actual cost. This is the reason for having an online price list.  Each high reach fixture requires a "tooled discovery" in order to determine the problem(s).  Most commonly it's the lamp, and that's an easy service to make.  If it's not the lamp, we must trouble-shoot to determine what the actual problems are, and replace the internal components as needed.  If there are deeper issues such as No voltage or water entry problems, we must still charge for the time invested to provide the remedy.  In each case when additional problems are found, we take photos and notes to explain the issues and the measures taken.
High Reach Bucket Truck services must be performed on this basis because of the cost of equipment and mechanics labor.
Price List Continued
20 ft. Pole with Adjustable Heads Bronze Flood Fixtures - approx. $2,000.00
20 ft. Pole with Single Head Bronze Shoe Box - approx. $1,400.00
25 ft. Pole with Double Head Green Shoe Box - approx. $1,800.00
15 ft. Pole with single head Cone Reflector Luminair - approx. $2,000.00
High Pressure Sodium Lamps, 250W. and 400W. - Cost $37.80 ea.
High Pressure Sodium Ballast, 250W. and 400W. - Cost $157.48 ea.
Metal Halide Lamps, 250W. and 400W. - Cost $37.80 ea.
Metal Halide Ballast, 250W. and 400W. - Cost $157.48 ea.

Approximate Prices for Poles

15FT  $405.00
20FT  $585.00.
25FT  $725.00
Heard much about LED for Parking Area Lighting?

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Experts in Repairs from Damages.  Car crash repair photos below.

High reach bucket truck services
by Anthony Tori
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Lighting and Electrical Service Poles for Philadelphia and Suburbs
Most parking lot and area lighting commonly uses HID type lighting fixture which stands for high-intensity discharge lamps, HPS high pressure sodium lamps of Metal Halide M.H. Such lamps provide the greatest amount of photo optic illumination for the least consumption of electricity. However when lighting calculations are used, it can been seen how inappropriate HPS lamps are for night lighting. White light sources have been shown to double driver peripheral vision and increase driver brake reaction time at least 25%. When S/P light calculations are used, HPS lamp performance needs to be reduced by a minimum value of 75%.

      New street lighting technologies, such as Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Induction emit a white light that provides high levels of scotopic lumens allowing street lights with lower wattages and lower photopic lumens to replace existing street lights. However, there have been no formal specifications written around Photopic/Scotopic adjustments for different types of light sources, causing many municipalities and street departments to hold back on implementation of these new technologies until the standards are updated.
       Incandescent lamps were primarily used for street lighting until the advent of high-intensity discharge lamps. They were often operated in high-voltage series circuits. Series circuits were popular since the higher voltage in these circuits produced more light per watt consumed. Furthermore, before the invention of photoelectric controls, a single switch or clock could control all the lights in an entire district.
       To avoid having the entire system go dark if a single lamp burned out, each street lamp was equipped with a device that ensured that the circuit would remain intact. Early series street lights were equipped with isolation transformers that would allow current to pass across the transformer whether the bulb worked or not. Later the film cutout was invented. The film cutout was a small disk of insulating film that separated two contacts connected to the two wires leading to the lamp. If the lamp failed (an open circuit), the current through the string became zero, causing the voltage of the circuit (thousands of volts) to be imposed across the insulating film, penetrating it.  In this way, the failed lamp was bypassed and power restored to the rest of the district. The street light circuit contained an automatic voltage regulator, preventing the current from increasing as lamps burned out, preserving the life of the remaining lamps. When the failed lamp was replaced, a new piece of film was installed, once again separating the contacts in the cutout. This system was recognizable by the large porcelain insulator separating the lamp and reflector from the mounting arm. This was necessary because the two contacts in the lamp's base may have operated at several thousand volts above ground/earth.
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A Landscape Lighting Design should always accomplish both of these priorities at the same time and fit into your energy budget.
Post lighting fixtures give you the most light for your energy dollar.  Post fixtures are easy to install and easy to maintain.  Post fixtures can vary in height, style and light output.  Receptacles can be installed at the base for holiday lighting and other conveniences.
2.  MUSHROOM LIGHTS - Mushroom lights are favored mostly because of their "low level" lighting along walkways & driveways (usually in sets of 3 or more).  Mushroom lighting gives your property a beautiful lighting "silhouette" appearance but in many cases require more maintenance than other landscape fixtures.
3.  UP-LIGHTING - Up-lighting fixtures can be installed under trees & shrubbery and/or at the base of the property. Up-lighting can give your property the most beautiful appearance while giving you adequate area lighting as well (reflective light).
4.  STEP-LIGHTS - Step lights refer to "built in" lighting fixtures in steps, decks, retaining walls, etc. (Step lights are usually installed in coordination with the construction of these).  Step lights always give you and good combination of  lighting purpose, beauty and energy usage.
5.  BOLLARD LIGHTS - Bollard lighting fixtures are waist high, heavy duty fixture posts with beacon type heads that are used most commonly for commercial, industrial & institutional walkways and driveways.  They are expensive, well built and are usually recommended for their vandal proof characteristics while giving good Purpose & Beauty lighting.

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