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Re-construction Experts.  Demolish and Re-Build by Able Group .net.
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A 100 year old house, Totally Rebuilt.  Keeping the character of the old with the new construction of TODAY.

Total Property Improvements - from Top to Bottom:

The series of photos on this page show a Re-construction project with our economical management.

The demolition work and rebuild renovations were done without plans, blue prints, engineers or architects.  Experienced trade workers handled everything efficiently because they've been in situations like these so many times.

This old house could be considered as a "diamond in the rough" when purchased in Jan 2020.

This house has a slightly angled profile and raised porch which gives it the best property setting on the street.

Seeing through the over-grown trees and neglected landscape was a aging property worth the costs of a total restoration.

Jersey Workers for Construction Management.

Check out the results, page down to see all the photos below:

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