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Video surveillance systems.
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Hidden miniature video cameras.
High quality wireless hidden camera systems. Utilizing digital and CCD technology cameras require very little light which makes them perfect for covert or hidden camera applications.  Cameras can be plugged into your home VCR and you've got a high quality video surveillance system. We also offer the finest in commercial grade time-lapse recorders and digital recorders.

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Traffic Signals. Polycarbonate Traffic Signals for traffic gates and exit/entrance traffic signal needs. 3, 4, and 5 Light Controls, Walk Light Controls, Walk / Don't Walk Light Control for Single Pedestrian Signals. Walk Controls with 12V DC Flashers Pedestrian Signal Controls Remote Control Kit LED Modules. Alternating Flashers, Traffic Lights, Safety Lights, LED Traffic Lights, DC LED Traffic Signals.
Electric Security Gate, Safety Signage and Caution Signals.
Made of rugged, lightweight polycarbonate, designed for years of reliable, continuous outdoor service. Including decorative/ educational use in private homes, schools, restaurants, bars, casinos, safety schools, loading docks, game rooms, auto shops, truck stops, auto dealers, water parks and museums. They are also suitable for commercial / industrial applications, including factories and call centers Safety and Operational Status Lights. Dimensions are: 11in wide x 30 inches tall by approx. 5.5 inches deep. The cap style (cutaway) visors extend another 7 inches from the face and are easily removable. They will use standard, screw-in, medium base 120V bulb with 17,000 hour traffic signal bulbs in both 40W and 60W sizes which will average more than 2 years continuous service. If you like you can wire them to your own switches or use our automatic control sequencer or an optional Remote Control unit installed.
Call us for a new parking lot lighting design. We'll visit your property and design a lighting plan that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Our years of experience in providing good common sense planning and installations makes us the one to choose. High reach bucket truck services by Anthony Tori
Bollard lighting fixtures are waist high, heavy duty fixture posts with beacon type heads that are used most commonly for commercial, industrial & institutional walkways and driveways.  They are expensive, well built and are usually recommended for their vandal proof characteristics.
Custom built Security Station. Portable Gate House Shelter. Access Control Gate. Entrance - Exit Guard Enclosure. Guard Booth or Cashiers Booth. Heavy-duty security booths feature structural members of either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish. Walls, ceiling and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl covered finish.

Automation Options for CCD Video Camera. Enables the resident to view the visitor from a designated monitor in the house. The system requires a coaxial cable between the monitor and the keypad, installed with the primary cable runs from the house. Time clock - An automatic multifunction 24-hour 7-day time clock can be used to control free-entry or even open the gates during a specific time of day and days of the week, and close gates, at night, for example. This device can also control vendor entry codes to specific days, or specific times of day, for example: Monday through Friday, 0700 to 1800.
Residence Control Panel. (RCP) the control panel provides a Sound-Alert, Status indicator lamp, Open-hold open Switch, Free-entry Switch independent of house telephone system. Gate Operators - hydraulic gate operators. Remote Controller Of Tubular Motor. RF remote control system of tubular motor, application spreads to electric blinds, motorized awning, roller shutter, garage gate and so on. Parking Charging System. Parking management center, charging system, gate barrier, remote control reorganization, entrance/ exit checking system Auto-parking Equipment. Swing Gate Opener with motor, control box and 2 remote controls. Mechanical lock infrared protector. Close, Open, Stop, one side door (Remote control) Caution Light, Courtyard Spotlight (Light time can be adjusted) Automatically close the door by extended time period Operation time can be adjusted Motor power can be Let your Mobile Phone be your Universal Remote Control.

Forget the conventional remote control, you can now open your Gates and Garage Doors with your Mobile Phone. Just 'speed-dial' a secure telephone number which identifies you. Radio Remote Control For Door Opening. Industrially-adapted door opening system. Opening and closing boom gates, switching on and off of fans and security lighting.