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Electric Snow Melting Systems for Concrete Sidewalks, Handicap Ramps, Driveway, Parking Lot and Walkway.
Snow Melting Systems before accumulation by The Able Group Contractors.
Driveway and walkway heaters for snow and ice. 
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Expert installations for Electric Driveway & Walkway Heaters.
Electric Snow & Ice Heaters.  Electric Driveway & Walkway Heaters are the most effective way to prevent snow & ice problems. The heaters are only used during a snow fall to melt the snow before it can accumulate. The heaters are custom fitted to be installed under the top layer of the driveway or walkway surface (approx. 1 inch deep). The idea is to raise the surface temperature above freezing during the time of precipitation. The installation of these heaters must be performed during the construction process. For existing driveways we can re-surface them over top of these heaters.
First we size up the area to be heated, then we need approximately three weeks to order and receive them. The construction company that is doing the construction work is notified that we must work together at the same time to insure a proper, trouble free installation. We can provide the contractor for you who is already familiar with the installation process.

Second we must install the power supply wiring to points of connection. This can be done during the ordering time to be ready for the installation. The operation of the heaters is normally manual, but if an automatic system is required we can design it for you.

Third we coordinate the time of installation. The construction contractors will be prepared to work along with us. After the heaters are covered, an electrical test is made to sense any leakage of current. The end product is to never have a snow & ice problem again.

The Ice & Snow Are Gone Without...
Waiting for the Plowing Service, Piled Snow Mounds, Snow Plow Damage, Salting, Slippery Spots, Snow Thrower Machine, Shoveling.
Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes, service and installations by Able Group Inc.

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on Driveway Heaters

Driveway and Walkway Heaters.....
Expensive - Yes, but worth knowing about it.
Costs listed below must be confirmed:
Powerblanket 10' X 10' Non-horizontal Multi-duty Thawing thaw driveway ice.
24" Wide Heated Traction Mat 5' Line walkways and driveway, Heated Traction Mats. Generates enough heat to melt 2" of snow per hour.
Easy Heat Control Panel Temperature Sensor for Snow.
Suitable for controlling heating cables and mats, theMSC-1 can monitor.
Powerblanket 10' X 10' Multi-duty Thawing Curing & Heating Blanket
shop floor heater, thaw driveway ice, Heat squared.

Contact Us For more information about: Installation Costs, Warranty, Energy Usage, etc.  "Just Ask Us" (properties surrounding Philly and surrounding suburbs only). The Sketch below is an example of a large project preliminary layout.
This is a typical sketch for one of our customers. We do the entire layout with wattages and operating costs. I'll be right there to give you information about: driveway heaters, snow melting, handicap ramp heaters, walkway heaters, concrete heaters, electrical contractor, electrical driveway, construction, blacktop, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA
Scope of Work – Electrical installations for a Four Zone Driveway Heating System. 1. Electrical Power Source - Modifications made to the Main Electrical Service for approx. 50,000 watts of resistance heat.
Modifications to the Main Service. Power Conduits and Cables installed to the Garage. Power Panel with Four Sub-Main Circuit Breakers. All the Above - $5,500.00
2. Underground Power Circuits - This will require work along arrangements with the Asphalt Contractor. Demolition and excavation are not included in this proposal.
Exit conduits from the new Panel at two locations. Power distribution cables to exterior in-ground access box. Underground Cables furnished and installed to each Zone of the Driveway (4).
Power Panel terminations for connecting Heater Zones A., B., C. & D. All the Above - $6,800.00 3. Electric Heater Mats -
Same work along arrangements with the Asphalt Contractor for Twenty-two heater mats. Area preparation and the new surface.
We will furnish all the information necessary in order to meet the factory specifications for the proper heater mat installations. Heater Mats installed for each Zone.
Layout design to maximize efficiency and areas most used. Heater Mat terminations as per underground specs. System Ohms Testing before, during and after the final surface is completed.
All the above for $4,400.00 4. Operation - Manual On / Off with the circuit breaker for each Zone in the new Garage Panel.
5. Equipment Costs - Purchases for Heater Mats as per Sketch Heater Mats 30Ft X 18” approx. 20 locations 45,000 watts @ $562.00 each - $11,240.00
Heater Mats 30Ft X 36” approx. 2 locations 9,000 watts @ $633.00 each - $1,266.00

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