Service for Electric Gates & Automated Openers;
We can fix it - barrier arms, card readers for parking areas.
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Service and installations for motorized electric gates, automated openers and barrier arms for parking areas.
Installations and Services for:   Electric Gate openers, Automatic Security Gate, barrier arm, parking area exit entrance controls, Coded Radio Transmitter / Receiver, Keyless Entry Systems, Electric Door Locks and Strikes. Commercial Property Maintenance, same day or next day service.
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Parking Area Equipment.
Service and Installations for Motorized Gates and Barrier Arms by Able Group Inc.

Electricians, Installers & Constructors,
Equipment and Services for Commercial & Industrial Facilities A to Z.
Special Facility Services New equipment, repairs or replacements from damages.
Parking Lot Area Lighting, Philadelphia and Suburbs. traffic signal, caution light, automatic gate, gate house shelter, communications, openers, controls, cameras, lighting, pole lighting service Delaware County, Philly, Philadelphia, PA. New Jersey and Delaware.

Electrical & Mechanical operating equipment of every sort

Automatic Door Openers.
Motorized Gates.
Equipment Installations by
Able Group Inc.

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Motorized Security Gates:
rebuild projects, new installations and vehicular damage repairs.

Frame Replacements.
New Controls, Circuit board.

Running smooth and
long lasting.

Secure Parking Access equipment.
Commercial Property Security Alternatives.
Gate House controls.
Traffic Signals, Lift Gates and surveillance systems.

Electrically operated door openers require precision installation. Whether they are for ADA compliant handicap use or as simple as opening your garage door. Installation work is what we specialize in here at Able Group Inc.

 "Disability Access Handicap Door Openers" that include:  automatic handicap door openers and door activation switches. Handicap Restroom Door Openers for ADA Compliance.

"Barrier Gate with a Boom Arm" is the most common form of traffic control in an industrial, commercial parking area. Barrier gate arms are available from 8 to 33 lengths. They are available in super high speed. Barrier Gates are very affordable and will provide many years of access control operation. Articulating arms (arms with a bend) for low overhead clearance makes the barrier gate a great choice for parking garages.

"Automatic Swing Door Openers and  Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike" -  Automatic swing door opener turns any inward or outward swinging left or right-hand door into an automated door. ADA approved handicap door opener for restroom, handicap ramp entrance with adjustable timer.

"Automatic Remote Control Car Door Openers" and commercial automatic door openers, industrial automatic door openers, automatic gate openers, garage door openers and door operators.

"Contact for Equipment, Specifications and Operating Information Warranty and Installation Costs". Yes, we can supply the equipment, or work with your equipment.

" Automatic Door Openers " - Commercial Operator can be electrical or totally pneumatic in operation or interfaced with low voltage electronics for total public access and / or we can also interface with remote controls. If interfaced with our standard Palm Button system the only electricity required is to operate the compressor. This fully pneumatic system needs no costly electric work, no sensors and no conduit for wiring.

"Installation Ease" No modification of the door or jambs Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet Complete instructions are packed with every door opener Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all it takes).

"Versatile Applications": Fits in most interior and some exterior door applications Left and right hand door openers are available. Jamb mount, to push door open or door mount, to pull door open. Inverted model, for limited room above the door. Deep reveal and door mounted door opener units for special applications.

"An Array of Companion Controls": Push Plate Wall Switches, Push Button Wall Switches Touch Plate Wall Switch, Coded Radio Transmitter / Receiver, Keyless Entry Systems, Electric Door Locks and Strikes. Controls, Service, Design, Repairs, Modifications, Wiring, & Equipment Reconditioning".

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Electric Door Release, ADA, Handicap Door Opener, Restroom, Handicap Ramp, Adjustable Door equipment and adjustments. Service for areas around:

" Automatic Door Openers, Equipment, Installations"  

 Automatic Door Openers - Contractor Trades Extensive Information provided by the Workers Network in Your Neighborhood. .  Property Trade Contractors, Fully Equipped with Economical Know-How and Hard Work Ethics, Serving You Better ., Automatic Door Openers and Equipment.

Commercial & Industrial Facility Services for:

Electric Gate Opener Trouble Service.
Underground wiring locations services.
Loop Sensor repairs.
Urgent Service for Auto Damages.
Parking Lot Security Systems.
Commercial facility surveillance cameras.
Commercial grade digital recorders.
Parking Lot Lighting Equipment.
Parking Lot Lighting for Shopping Centers.
Gate House Controls, Intercom.
Gate House Construction & Modifications.
Petroleum Station Canopy Lighting.
Fuel Station Canopy damage repairs.
Surveillance for House of Worship.
Commercial Property Safety Alternatives.
High Reach Bucket Truck Services.
Traffic Signals, Lift Gates.
Exit/entrance traffic signal & audible alarms.
Alternating Flashers.
First Responder Equipment.
Parking Area - Light Pole Fixture Maintenance, Re-Lamp, Re-Ballast.
Loading Dock Controls and Conveyor.
Bollard Poles.

Welding for
whatever is needed.

Concrete for
whatever is needed.

Equipment for
whatever is needed


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Barrier Arm, Lift or Motorized Gates for Parking Lots, Services by Able Group Inc.

Car, Truck, Bus, Automobile Damage Repairs all around Philly.

Fence and Bollard Pole Protection for Electrical Equipment and Transformers.

Line Painting, Floor and Parking Lot Lines for Your Facility by Able Group Inc.

Parking Lot Equipment, Motorized Gates by Able Group Inc.