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Aerial Cable Supplies for Power and Communication.
Utility poles are divided into ten classes, from 1 to 10. The classes' definition specifies a minimum circumference that depends on the species of tree and the length of the pole. This circumference is measured 6 feet from the butt of the pole. There is also a minimum top circumference that is the same for all species and lengths. Class 1 pole has a minimum top circumference of 27 inches. If it is 25 feet long and cedar (most utility poles are cedar), the circumference measured 6 feet from the bottom must be at least 43.5 inches. The higher the class number, the skinnier the pole. Pole lengths start at 16 feet and increase by 2-foot steps to 22 feet, then by fives from 25 feet to 90 feet. A 90-foot class 1 western red cedar pole weighs about 6,600 pounds. A 16-foot pole weighs only about 700. A 35-foot pole is a typical length used in cities to carry one or two crossarms. Poles are spaced about 100 feet to 150 feet apart, with 125 feet being typical. 

Examples of jobs by Able Group Inc. on Utility Poles

We supply every kind of cable, utility pole, crimping and wide span hardware.
Theatrical, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Public Facility, Church, Synagogue,  Business Complex, Office Complex.... and your backyard.   The two photos above show a remote area location where a privately owned utility pole is required. The photo of our plywood path (left) was made for our bucket truck access to minimize damages to the lawn. Photo (right) shows our same day auto damage repairs for pole lighting.



Supply Space, Safety Zone Space, and Communications Space.
A device is described for connecting two electric aerial cables. Each aerial cable has tube, containing optical fibers, which is cabled with electric conductors and strength member. Means are provided for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining of the electric conductors and strength members of the two cables. A sealed splice carrier for receiving the spliced connections of the optical fibers comprises two concentric tubes (7, 9) with a annular gap between them. The annular gap is sealed at both ends. The optical fibers are inserted into the annular gap through apertures in the end seals (8). The spliced connections and a length of optical fibers are stored in the annular gap. The splice carrier (5) surrounds the means (21, 3) for the mechanical and electrically conductive joining and is attached to the electrically conductive joining means (3) or to the aerial cables (1).


Utility Pole Renewal:

Pole-Crete Stabilizer Foam with Guy-Wire Bracing.

Machine excavation.
Bucket truck rig to pull pole straight.  Diagonal guy-wire is needed for counter tension.
Mix and pour 2 part chemical mixture to fill entire excavated opening.

Underground Electrical Power from your utility pole.

Parking Lot Pole Lighting and Cable Services, Philadelphia.

Ball Field, Playground

Flagstone Work

Paver Stones - Price List

Retaining Walls

Parking Lot Equipment, Service

Parking Area Security Systems

Parking Lot Lighting.

Parking Lot Lighting PRICE LIST

Parking Lot Pole Foundations.

Motorized Gates for Parking Lots.

Two types of utility poles: A. Creosote, Coal-tar creosote used in wood preservation is produced by the high temperature carbonization of coal and consists principally of aromatic hydrocarbons plus some tar acids and bases.
B. CCA, this preservative, is made up of the oxides or salts of copper, chromium, and arsenic. The arsenic and copper are toxic to insects and fungi that prey on wood, while chromium is used to bond the two elements to the wood’s cellular components.

Notification of buried utility clearances using ONE-CALL - before you dig location services.
Access permission for a Heavy Truck & rig to be parked within 10 feet of the area of the new pole.
Removal of existing pole.  Haul away and discarded as per EPA compliance.
New pole to be install at the same location.   Aerial cables crossing a street or over a swimming pool.
Furnish and install: thru-bolts, winch grips, bracket hardware in order to support all existing aerial cables.
Re-tension all existing cables in both directions - Power Cable, Phone.
Furnish and install Guy-Wire, in-ground anchor with diagonal cable in the direction to counter aerial tension.