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Able Group Inc for Electric Service Upgrade for Philly, Main Line and suburbs. Electrical safety inspections including; swimming pools, hot tubs, GFI, arc fault, licenses and work permit.
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Electric Service Upgrades for your home, business, commercial and industrial properties.
Service Upgrade Package includes Removal of all existing electrical service equipment, cables, fuse boxes, meter socket, etc.  Furnish & Install a NEW Exterior Cable Drop (overhead type service), Meter Socket, Entrance cable, Circuit Breaker Panel,  Circuit Breakers for all circuits and labeled accurately, Code required grounding, final connections and clean up.

A new Circuit Breaker Panel should look
similar to this.

With an accurate panel schedule for labeled circuit breakers and spaces remaining for added circuits in the future.

Electric Service Upgrade -  Approximate / Estimated Price Menu:
100 Amp Basic Service:  $1,650.00
200 Amp Basic Service:  $2,100.00
200 Amp 3 Phase Service:  $3,500.00
Spike / Surge Suppressors for the entire house: $220.00
G.F.I. Circuit Breakers (if required) single pole:  $110.00
Permit and Inspection Fees approx: $ 245.00
Each 240 volt circuit breaker needed:  $65.00 EA.
100 amp Service Upgrades that require more than 10 circuit breakers: each circuit $50.00 EA.
200 amp Service Upgrades that require more than 16 circuit breakers: each circuit $50.00 EA.
Roof Penetration (if needed): $280.00
Stone or masonry wall penetration over 10 inches thick: $300.00

This page describes some of the detail regarding our electric service upgrade services.
The power to the property will be shut down for approximately five hours (depending on the existing conditions).  A licensed electrician will guide you if you are looking to make a comparison decision. 

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