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Jersey Shore Workers for Fuel Station Services.
Full Maintenance for Gas Stations. Fuel Station Services:
Electric Auto Charge Point for "Electrical Fuel". Service for LED Lights, Signs, Equipment.
High Reach Lighting, Lighted Sign Services, Equipment, air, compressor, pumps for Fuel Stations.
Fuel Station Maintenance Services,   LED Lighting,   Safety Compliance,   Mechanics' Equipment.
  Call The Able Group for quick Fuel Station Services, canopy lamp replacements and damage repairs.
Ask us about these:
LED Canopy Lighting, LED Street Signs, Underground Power.
Mechanical repairs for structural poles, air compressor, Vac System.
Auto damages, Urgent Service, Equipment, Poles, Replacements.
Know The Cost
Gas Station Equipment Services. Property Area Lighting and Auto Guard Equipment.  Damage Repair & Prevention.
We are the quick and reliable service experts for every area around Philly and Shore Points of NJ.
Mechanical and Electrical Auto & Truck Service Stations.
Poles, Bollards, Curbs - Damage Repair and/or Replace.
Concrete and Steel - New Installations and/or Changes.
Underground Power Service. Power to vending machines.
Gate House Systems, Repairs, New Installations, Intercom.
Signs Caution Signals, Automatic Lift Gates, Treadles.
Lighting Poles, Lighting Heads & Exterior Area Lighting.
LED - the latest High Tech, trouble free, low energy illumination.
Mechanics Garage Equipment Repairs.
Auto EV Chargers for the Mechanic Workplace, Quick Service for Every Job.
Call us for your "attention getter displays", set-ups and props.
New Design or Re-design of a Petroleum and Mechanic Garage Service Station.
Construction or Maintenance - YES we do it.
Installation of processing equipment;
Computerized Cashier, Credit Card and Proprietary Fleet Transaction Equipment. Supply of fuel dispenser pumps;
Supply of POS systems and control systems;
Supply of the systems of delivery and account for petrol stations;
Maintenance Services for every property concern of petrol stations.
Service for Fuel Stations, Damage Repairs, Bucket Truck and High Reach LED Lighting, Service for Signs and Equipment. Quick response, information for your email; Quick Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Auto Industry. Auto EV Charging Stations Commercial Charge point certified installations for Smart EV charging systems. A to Z Electrical installations for Body Shop, Spray Booth, Diagnostic Equipment, Lifts, Explosion Proof Lighting and Air Compressor.

New Equipment Installations - Yes we handle large and small jobs.

Fiscal POS systems and cash registers for petrol stations, printers and fiscal modules for petrol stations, controllers over fuel delivery dispensers (pumps); control and account software for POS systems. Front-Office, Back-Office and Head-Office software, smart-card payment systems for petrol stations (discount-bonus system of cashless payment, software for management over logistics of petroleum products to petrol stations.

and estimates sent to you by email for :
High reach bucket truck services and present-day technologies in servicing of petrol stations. Control systems, components for fuel dispenser pumps, other equipment: level measuring systems, LED sign-boards and fuel price-boards for external design of petrol stations. for petrol stations.

Most parking lot and area lighting commonly uses HID type lighting fixture which stands for high-intensity discharge lamps, HPS high pressure sodium lamps of Metal Halide M.H. Such lamps provide the greatest amount of photo optic illumination for the least consumption of electricity. However when lighting calculations are used, it can been seen how inappropriate HPS lamps are for night lighting. White light sources have been shown to double driver peripheral vision and increase driver brake reaction time at least 25%. When S/P light calculations are used, HPS lamp performance needs to be reduced by a minimum value of 75%.
      New street lighting technologies, such as Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Induction emit a white light that provides high levels of isotopic lumens allowing street lights with lower wattages and lower photopic lumens to replace existing street lights. However, there have been no formal specifications written around Photopic/Scotopic adjustments for different types of light sources, causing many municipalities and street departments to hold back on implementation of these new technologies until the standards are updated.
       Incandescent lamps were primarily used for street lighting until the advent of high-intensity discharge lamps. They were often operated in high-voltage series circuits. Series circuits were popular since the higher voltage in these circuits produced more light per watt consumed. Furthermore, before the invention of photoelectric controls, a single switch or clock could control all the lights in an entire district.
  • fiscal POS systems and cash registers for petrol stations;
  • fiscal printers and fiscal modules for petrol stations;
  • controllers over fuel delivery dispensers (pumps);
  • control and account software for POS systems (Front-Office);
  • Back-Office and Head-Office software;
  • smart-card payment systems for petrol stations (discount-bonus system of cashless payment);
  • software for management over logistics of petroleum products to petrol stations;
  • computer control systems for petrol stations;
  • remote control panels over fuel delivery dispensers (pumps);
  • level measurement systems for petrol stations and storage repots;
  • wireless communication devices for wireless control over delivery dispensers;
  • electronics for fuel delivery dispensers;
  • system for remote reservoirs monitoring at petrol stations;
  • LED price boards, information boards and creeping lines for petrol stations;
  • complex of loud-speaking communication for petrol stations;
  • system of remote monitoring and control over cash registers (UMKA)
    The CP720 is the only software based Proprietary Fleet Solution for Verifone, Gilbarco, and Wayne POS System Users. The CP720 system is a Dell Optiplex 760 sporting an 80Gb hard drive, 2GB RAM, Windows XP Pro, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The SQL Server Database stores up to 2 billion transactions before having to be polled. The system communicates over the RS-232 port to a c-store's Point of Sale System (Ruby, G-Site, Nucleus, etc.) using the POS approved proprietary fleet communication protocol. All proprietary fleet transactions at the pump or at the inside POS are handled, including support for product and fuel restrictions, Odometer, Pin, Vehicle Number, and Driver Number. Invisible Transition to New Proprietary System The CP720 supports any existing proprietary card layout. The track layout is user-configurable in the CP720 database, and all existing cards can be used with no changes. Additionally, Since the CP720 utilizes the identical proprietary fleet port that other leading vendors use, replacing them is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the RS-232 cable on the back of the existing POS system. There is no reprogramming of the POS, and the POS doesn't even need to be re-booted. Invoice Adjustment Capabilities. Configurable Taxes. Customized Invoice Layout. Print and reprint invoices. Set Customer Credit Limits and Card Credit Limits. Manual transaction capability, including entry of odometer, vehicle, driver, product, and gallons. Dynamic End of Shift. The CP720 tracks each transaction down to the actual second it occurred. In addition, a relative "Day" and "Shift" are associated with each transaction. Shift openings and closings can be done at any time. Store personnel will find it almost effortless to close the shift on the CP720, for all the proprietary fleet transactions. The Day and Shift for each transaction for each location will be transmitted regularly to the home office and kept with each transaction. Stand Alone Terminal Functionality The CP720 includes an optional Verifone TRANZ-380 terminal, PIN pad, and receipt printer to handle inside sales without an attached POS system. Meanwhile, all standard CP720 functionality is the same. Seamless Integration of Transactions into Back Office System This would in effect, allow customers the ability to maintain their Customer and Card database in one location, if desired. Multi-User Application Support The Data Manager software that manages the Customer, Card, and transaction information at the Home office is network and multi-user capable, and supports up to 255 users at a single location. Maintenance, reporting, and data-uploads can be done from any network attached workstation running Windows 2000 or later. The CP720 is pre-installed with both Relevance's VNC Server, and Remotely Anywhere, by 3AM Labs. These two remote management tools provide complete remote file transfer, remote printing, remote desktop, and complete Windows management capabilities for both dial-up and secure VPN connections. We provide a complete cycle of works and services on designing and construction of petrol stations, on preparation of design documentation, development of modern design, company style.


    Experience and qualifications of out specialists, modern equipment, smoothly running manufacture can perform the full complex of works on building of petrol stations and also kitting of petrol stations that are being built with materials and equipment. Out petrol stations are practical, multifunctional, original and are ready to satisfy the needs of the most exacting customer. We also provide engineer-constructor works on partial or complete reconstruction and automation of petrol stations and petroleum storage depots. Present-day technologies in the area of constructing and equipping of petrol stations. Our company will help you to choose fuel dispenser pumps suitable exactly for Your petrol station, POS systems and control systems for petrol stations, any spare parts and components for fuel dispenser pumps, other equipment: level measuring systems, LED sign-boards and fuel price-boards for external design of petrol stations, petroleum quality analyzing equipment, any other equipment. Also T&T LTD provides warranty and post-warranty service of petrol stations. Wide spectrum of used materials (starting from galvanized steel to high-tech aluminum composites) gives us a possibility to propose to customers the most suitable solutions on petrol stations on pricing and technical rates. We have in our disposal large production space, large machinery equipment, we manufacture equipment for petrol stations, POS systems, delivery dispenser pumps, light-boards and price-boards for petrol stations. Thus our production capacity allows us to manufacture any including the most complex and modern elements of petrol station design. Complex solution of problems connected with petrol stations - is the main direction of our activity. Personnel of our company - skilled specialists that have a big experience in designing, construction and installation of processing equipment at petrol stations. Besides we have experienced erection teams that perform building and construction works at objects of any complication.  Contact us about Petroleum Station Services using well built vandal proof lighting for areas around Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware, Atlantic City, Margate City, Cape May NJ., Delaware County and Philly.

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