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The ratio of the peak voltages and peak currents in the primary and secondary windings are determined by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings.  The latter ratio is usually called the turn ratio of the transformer.  If the secondary winding contains less turns than the primary winding, the peak voltage in the secondary circuit is less than that of the primary circuit.

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There a primary circuit and a secondary circuit. There is no connection between the two circuits, but each of these circuits contains a winding, which links it inductively to the other circuits. The windings are wound onto an iron core. The iron core channels the magnetic flux generated by the current flowing around the primary winding, and as much as possible, also links the secondary winding. This type of transformer is called a step down transformer. Primary power for Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA, secondary, 4160, 13200, three phase and 480v.

Buck Boost Transformers

Buck boost transformers are single phase, four winding transformers designed for two purposes. The first is to reduce or raise line voltage from five to 20 percent.  A good example is boosting 208 volts to 230 volts.  They have a dual voltage primary and a dual voltage secondary.

The second use of buck boost transformers is to use them as low voltage isolation transformers for use on 12, 16, 24, 32, or 48 colt circuits.  They have capacities of .050 kVA to 5.0 kVA.  Some of the applications include low voltage landscaping lighting, and they are UL listed for outdoor service.

Buck boost transformers are ideal for changing line voltage by small amounts. Some of the major advantages for using buck boost transformers are their low cost, compact size and light weight. They are also more efficient and cost less than isolation transformers. When connected as autotransformers, they can handle loads up to 20 times the name plate rating. A great source for all of your buck boost transformers is TEMCo Buck Boost Transformers. You can be assured when buying a transformer, TEMCo or Acme Transformers are the best transformers for your money.

When the buck boost transformer has the primary and secondary windings connected, it becomes an autotransformer. With this technology, only the secondary windings are transforming voltage and current. The majority of the KVA load passes directly from the supply to the load. This is the reason autotransformers can supply a load with a larger KVA rating than the nameplate indicates.

Always remember when purchasing a step down transformer, seek out a more reputable and experienced manufacturer such as Acme Step Down Transformers. A quality manufacturer will save you money in the long run and provide many years of quality service.

 By Anthony Tori   step down transformers for low voltage and step up transformers for higher voltage.  We do transformer cleaning, maintenance, property maintenance, noise, commercial property maintenance, parking lot lighting, etc.

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