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The landscape lighting design for any property should always have these two priorities: PURPOSE: The necessary amount of illumination for walkway safety & area security. BEAUTY: Property enhancement & art expression. A Landscape Lighting Design should always accomplish both of these priorities at the same time and fit into your energy budget.
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Recommended Landscape Lighting Fixtures for Permanent, Year-Round Use

Post Light -   Post lighting fixtures give you the most light for your energy dollar.  Post fixtures are easy to install and easy to maintain.  Post fixtures can vary in height, style and light output.  Receptacles can be installed at the base for holiday lighting and other conveniences.
Mushroom Lights -
   Mushroom lights are favored mostly because of their "low level" lighting along walkways & driveways (usually in sets of 3 or more).  Mushroom lighting gives your property a beautiful lighting "silhouette" appearance but in many cases require more maintenance than other landscape fixtures.
Up-Lighting  -  Up-lighting fixtures can be installed under trees & shrubbery and/or at the base of the property.  Up-lighting can give your property the most beautiful appearance while giving you adequate area lighting as well (reflective light).
Step Lighting  -   Step lights refer to "built in" lighting fixtures in steps, decks, retaining walls, etc. (Step lights are usually installed in coordination with the construction of these).  Step lights always give you and good combination of lighting purpose, beauty and energy usage.
Bollard Lighting  -   Bollard lighting fixtures are waist high, heavy duty fixture posts with beacon type heads that are used most commonly for commercial, industrial & institutional walkways and driveways.  They are expensive, well built and are usually recommended for their vandal proof characteristics while giving good Purpose & Beauty lighting.
Your Lighting   -   Creative lighting for your ideas.  We fabricate customized lighting fixtures for your ideas.  We mechanically accomplish your electrical imaginations.

Lighting Made to Order,  by Able Group Inc.   We recondition lighting fixtures, we can also rewire for energy savings. Our in soil jobs are benefiting you in many ways.  Electrical safety is the first priority and our parking lot area lighting service is known around Philly.   For better information, options it's here and building a better on-line resource, and answering every question.  Common sense answers for any question.  The All Around Philadelphia Action Information Group will serve you at no cost.  Community Internet Resources for the Delaware Valley.  The All Around Philly Contractors Network will answer your questions at no cost.  Delaware Valley ’s Info Around Philly. Delivering information and serving Philly and suburbs – quickly responding to You for landscape lighting, public facility lighting, field lighting, swimming pool lighting, high reach lighting service, security flood lights.  Parking Lot Lighting, Pole Lighting, parking lot poles,  electrical contractor, electrical service, Delaware County, Main Line, Philadelphia, PA
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