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Able Group Inc. electrical contractors of Havertown PA are your lighting experts for every application. We offer free lighting consultation for economical lighting fixtures and installation design. These fixtures are typically used for Gymnasiums, Work Place, Production Floor and Warehouse areas.

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Let us design an efficient lighting plan to give you the most light for your energy saving dollar. High Bay fixtures come in a variety of styles for different applications.
Standard T-5 High Bay fixture with "Open Lamp"
Mounting Height (ft.) Recommended Fixture Wattage and Type.
Under 10 70 - 100W Low Bay
10 - 12 150 - 175W Low Bay
12 - 15 150 - 250W Low Bay
15 - 20 250 - 400W Low Bay or 250W High Bay
20 - 25 400W Low Bay or 250 - 400W High Bay
25 - 35 400W High Bay
35 or Higher 1000W High Bay
Standard High Bay fixture with "Lens Cover"
Enclosed Lamp fixtures are required for areas of  air borne dust and areas where food is prepared.
Low Bay fixture with prismatic lens for wide area illumination "enclosed lamp".
High Bay fixture with an extended prismatic lens cover for a wider area illumination coverage.
Low Bay fixture with square prismatic lens cover.  Available in Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.

Warehouse, Gymnasium, Production Floor, Work Garage, Work Shop.
Able Group Inc. Electrical Contractors, Havertown PA 19083.  We want to be your personal electrician.   We are lighting experts.  Repairs and replacements of under cabinet lights, front  lawn post lights and area flood lights such as high pressure sodium and medal halide.  Electrical safety inspections checking your circuit breakers, GFI receptacles, grounding rods and cold water pipe grounding.  We are installers for:  main lug panel, cadmium connectors, MC wire, SER cable, SEU cable, twist-lock receptacles, power poles and floor receptacles for your mid-floor electrical needs.
We can install anything. 
We are the electricians who make things right.  Photo eye controls, relays, mechanically held contactors, bolt-on circuit breakers 480V. 277V. 120V. 208V. 250V. we are the contractors for solutions.

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High Definition High Bays - Uses 60% Less Energy 30% More Light Increase productivity and accuracy.
Lighting Fixtures, Lithonia Lighting IB 454L 4 Light IBEAM High Bay Light $190.00
Lithonia Lighting Narrow Distribution High Bay Light, Gloss ... $150.00
Ark Lighting AHB11-400HPS-WG Zebra Acrylic High Dome Bay Light $216.00 Designers Edge L-1784 Fluorescent High Industrial Bay Light Designers Edge low bay overhead lights are designed to provide interior light in buildings with ceiling heights less than 15 feet. Watts: 75.
General Electric OBCW48F0FV6VA11 Fixture High Bay CFL Lamp Watts 8 x 42 - Fixture Wattage 372 - Voltage 120/208/240/277 - Space to Mtg Height Ratio 2.7 - Fixed Light Distribution - Reflector Type Open.
Designers Edge L-1785 Fluorescent Acrylic High Industrial Bay This High Bay work light is like bringing an Industrial Light into your home. Great for workshops, garages or out buildings.
Designers Edge Quad Voltage High Bay Lighting - 22in. Aluminum Reflector 14110944 This Designers Edge quad voltage lighting is designed for indoor installations where ceiling height exceeds 15 feet.
Quad voltage - 120/208/240.
GE OB540EOEQ High Bay Metal Hailde Pulse Start 450 W GE OB540EOEQ High Bay Lamp Type Metal Halide Pulse Start Lamp Watts 400 Fixture Wattage 450 Voltage 120 to 277 Space to Mtg. Height Ratio 1.6.
Acuity Brands Lighting IBZT5 4 WD High Bay Fluorescent Fixture, f54 t5ho Commercial Fluorescent Fixture - Lamp Watts 54 - F54T5HO Lamp Type - Suggested Lamp Stock No 5AE35 - Fixture Watts 234 - 120-277
American Fluorescent HBS432E8 High Bay T8 4 Light 32 Watt American Fluorescent High efficiency lighting in either T5 or T8 models. Specular or white diffuser. Special formed reflector to RAB Lighting RAB LMH400-BU-O
High Bay Lighting High Bay Lighting Lamps for high and low bays. Available in Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium.

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