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Everything in auditorium lighting services,  high reach equipment installations, spot lighting, lighting fixture reconditioning, scaffold, stage, controls, pin spots, isle lighting and lighting redesigned.

House lighting is normally incandescent lighting at low levels for silhouette and decorative purpose. It's intended to show the room to its best advantage. It is essential that the house lighting does not light the stage or orchestra pit or areas meant to be out of sight.

Work lighting:   should be bright.  Work lights are intended for cleaning and maintaining the room.

Aisle lighting:   is usually mounted on chairs, and can be concealed under the armrests if desired. The old standard design - every third row on alternating sides of the aisle - now looks too dim and uneven, and is inadequate.

Stage Lighting:   should be invisible to the audience. Most stage lighting fixtures are located in the auditorium at an out of sight location and controlled remotely by the facility staff. 

Orchestra Lighting:   Orchestra pit lighting is usually done with music stand lights.  The orchestra pit of any auditorium always need plenty of power for sound equipment but the lowest possible lighting.

Egress lighting:   is the required lighting for a quick exit of every person.  Egress passageways must be kept on, by law, at all times when the room is occupied. Egress lighting includes aisle lights, lighting on cross aisles, lighting in vestibules, and lighting on all other legal means of egress.

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We offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures and control systems for the public Auditorium.

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We Are Your Electrical Contractor for all purposes. Commercial Property and Parking lot lighting service. Commercial Property Maintenance, Contractors for Commercial and Industrial Facilities. Information pages on wattages, back up power generators, high bay lighting, recessed lighting fixtures, LED and HID lamps in New Jersey Shore Points and around Philadelphia, PA. Isle lighting for school auditorium, gymnasium, gym lights, NJ, Ventnor, Surf City, Longport NJ.  1000 watt MH fixtures use only 180 watts in LED plates.   That's why we are "The Able Group". Just shoot us an Email.   Change the internal components of any exterior lighting fixture to accept the efficient LED lights.

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Electrical Evaluation for Commercial Properties.   High Reach Parking lot lighting service.   Energy Savings for Multi-Tenant Properties.   Electrical Inspection Service. The LED components have a life expectancy of over 11.5 years.  After that they still operate, but at a lower level.  When converting to LED lighting your commercial property may qualify for tax incentives.  LED lights are maintenance free.  They are the ultimate in modern technology.
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Just Ask Us what the job will cost - We give estimates by e-mail. Recent LED products and ways to fit your existing fixtures. The term for this is called - retro-fit. The lighting for large areas will have quick pay-back results due to both energy and maintenance. We'll do the research in dollars and cents.  The lighting fixtures for public areas and retro-fitting existing fixtures will provide the energy savings results.  We are electrical contractors for commercial and industrial properties all around Philadelphia.   Lighting consultants and energy evaluations.

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